Young M.A. STRIKES BACK At Kevin Gate’s Brother!

Holy Crap!

Young M.A. is still a street jawn. She talking about what happened with the promoters situation. I am glad she spoke out on this. In fact, she posted this before the nonsense went down. She really makes her case. She stated that the driver for the show was supposed to be there at 11pm but the people got there at exactly 2:48! Check it out!

Some could say she should have gotten an Uber or something. I mean, if it was me and there was 30k on the line, I would just hope an Uber or get a fan to take me. That’s me. A Nobody. Now, I don’t know where she was, but it seems like it could have been in the back wood or something and that may not be an option.

I suppose this is going to drag out over the next few days. We’ll see.

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15 Responses to “Young M.A. STRIKES BACK At Kevin Gate’s Brother!”

  1. Wetwork510

    She should fire her manager, it management responsibility to come up with plan b. How are you waiting for all those hours knowing you have obligations.

    • cp'16

      if not the financial obligation, then at least the obligation to every fan that came to see you. Even if it’s just 1 fan, you should show respect to your sponsors.

      • Wetwork510

        Right! 33k to hang out with a few people is nothing, I would’ve took them out to IHOP if the club wasn’t popping. That would’ve been the ultimate fan experience.

  2. BigHomie337

    Better not go to New Orleans for a couple years. Come down here for All Star weekend and she might not nake it back to NYC unless she pay up. These dudes dont play and dont give a damn.

  3. cp'16

    If you cared about your fans, you would have taken a cab and flicked the promoter off. Never do another show with him. Instead, now all of a sudden you want to be a diva? Make up your mind.

  4. Tall Shon or T.S

    Business is business as a promoter it is your job to handle your end. You know you have to provide transportation so provide it. Everyone want to blame her for them not making sure she got to the venue and that is not her job. I am a promoter and I make sure I take care of the artist cus they are the reason everyone is in the building so i can make my money back..

    • Charter

      Nah, if it’s in the contract for the promoter to provide transportation it’s not on the artist to “find a way” to the venue. The artist’s ONLY job is to be available as agreed up to perform. All that technical/logistics stuff is on the promoter.

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