50 Cent Has Real Street Goons Ready To Fight Kodak Black Over Lil Wayne

kodakblack2(AllHipHop Rumors) First it was Lil Yachty with the disrespect towards Tupac & Biggie, and now it’s Kodak Black with the sh-ts in regards to his disrespect towards Lil Wayne.

Kodak Black pissed off a lot of Lil Wayne fans, and Hip Hop fans in general when he threatened to beat Lil Wayne’s ass so that he could “become” the best rapper alive. Wouldn’t you need to battle it out in raps.. bodies of work etc to be considered that?!?!?

Anyway, the King Of Petty and chief insigator, 50 Cent, jumped in the drama informing Kodak that he would be contacting Lil Wayne to set up the fight.

It appears that Turk and Kyyngg aren’t the only ones upset by Kodak’s disrespect. 50 has started some shhhhh and got some street goons ready to take Kodak out too.

50 has stirred up some drama with some “real shooters”. 50 Cent posted a video of a guy challenging Kodak Black as he claims to be holding it down for Lil Wayne as a real street n-gga. 50 Cent posted an Instagram post that read,

“I done started some sh-t, I got straight up shooters 😞💥ready to fight. I know you can’t see it, but this is positive. 9th Ward #putthegunsdown.”

50 Cent is loving every moment of this.

“@KODAKBLACK IS WIT DA SH_T. I’m calling @liltunechi now. Stay tuned #thefightstillon,” wrote 50.

Will any of these fights ever happened though.

Here are a few people pretty upset with Kodak over the Wayne stuff.

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