Soulja Boy Accused Of Stiffing His Landlord and Making Trouble At His Hollywood Hills Mansion

(AllHipHop News) It’s been a rough week for Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy, who’s in the middle of a gang/social media feud with R&B singer, Chris Brown.

Earlier this week, it came to light that Soulja Boy’s Hollywood Hills home was burglarized, and the bandit’s made of with tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry and cash.

Luckily, Soulja wasn’t home when the burglary occurred, but sources said that the bandit’s face was captured on film.

Now, Soulja could be facing legal action from the landlord of the mansion, who claims the rapper is nothing but a troublemaker who is thousands of dollars behind on his rent.

It’s all too much for the landlord who is citing Soulja Boy’s recent arrest on gun charges and probation violation, in addition to the recent burglary and Soulja’s apparent cash problems, as the reason for his issues with the rap star.

If Soulja doesn’t cough up the money by the end of the week, the landlord is planning legal action against the rapper, who frequently showcases the lavish mansion on his Instagram and Snapchat social media networks.

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2 Responses to “Soulja Boy Accused Of Stiffing His Landlord and Making Trouble At His Hollywood Hills Mansion”

  1. Winner15

    Why didn’t this genius ‘Soulja Boy’ buy the house isn’t of renting it? These Rappers really don’t make sense in life.

    • ZUBU

      In my opinion two primary reasons:
      Most of these dudes don’t make the money they claim to make…
      These dudes are young so they are not thinking about the future, they are just living in the moment…
      Youth Is Wasted On The Young….. When I was in my early 20’s I didn’t really save nor invest money either, lived paycheck to paycheck. Then by my mid to late 20’s I was beginning to save money and not spend everything I made…

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