Shyne: Critical Resistance

The hype surrounding Shyne has dwindled but the rapper –still serving a 10-year jail bid – has thoughts on everything from the presidential election to 50 Cent to life behind bars. Still seeking an appeal for a first-degree assault conviction, here is what’s going on with Jamal Barrow. AllHipHop.com: Lets talk politics. Any thoughts? Shyne:… Read more »



Ali Vegas: Prince of Thieves

Ali Vegas has blessed many-a-mixtape in both the mainstream and underground circuit. Representing Queens, the same borough as Nas and 50 Cent, Ali Vegas has crowned himself the “Prince of New York City.” Paying his dues, this young MC was signed to a record deal when he was only sixteen years old and he had… Read more »



Talib Kweli: Beautiful Hustle Part 2

The last time AllHipHop.com spoke to Talib Kweli, it was prior to the release of his highly anticipated sophomore solo effort, The Beautiful Struggle. In that interview, Kweli made it clear that he wished the journalism community would spend some time talking to him about his music, instead of his personal stances on things. Three… Read more »



Olu Dara: Like Father Like Son

Olu Dara is the father of one of Hip-Hop’s brightest stars, Nas. Dara obviously passed some good genes and wisdom to his son, who has seen the heights of the rap industry. Dara himself is an accomplished trumpet player and member of the Mississippi Music Hall of Fame. Nas fans will recall his airy trumpet,… Read more »



Roxanne Shante: An Incredible Journey

Roxanne Shante’s name recently surfaced and grabbed headlines due to a recent lawsuit she filed against R&B diva Janet Jackson. For those old enough to remember, Shante was [is] one of the most well known and well respected early figures from rap. As part of Marley Marl’s Juice Crew, Shante, at the tender age of… Read more »



Guerilla Black: On the Stand

There are not many rappers that release their debut albums under a dark clouded sea of controversy. Guerilla Black is one of those rare artists, but he is obviously not concerned by the extra attention. In fact, it is his full intent to use the negativity and spin it into a positive sales and marketing… Read more »



Q-Unique: A Man Apart

How many of 2000’s releases stay in your car? While KRS was certainly right when he denied the criticism that Hip-Hop was a phase, how many of our Rap records are timeless? With all the money invested, how much are artists investing their souls in a project? And with so little room left on the… Read more »



Willie D: FOUND

After an exhaustive search, I managed to find Willie D of the world famous Geto Boys. In my July ’04 editorial, I let it be known. If you missed it, please take a moment to reacquaint yourself to my views on the H-Town legend. The D was infamous way before Houston exports like today’s Lil’… Read more »



Smack DVD: Backed Up, Smacked Up

On November 8, 2002, two complete strangers came together and smacked the s**t out of the streets! Bronx-native, Craig Davis and Queens-native Smack united to create Smack DVD, which means Streets, Music, Arts, Culture and Knowledge. Smack DVDs have become one of the hottest commodities on the streets, whether bought, borrowed or bootlegged. Craig, Smack… Read more »



The Hughes Brothers: Reel to Reel

It’s widely proven that the Hip-Hop generation fills the seats in movie theaters. While we might talk during the film, or leave our cell phones on, we love cinema. Throughout the last decade, Hip-Hoppers of all sorts have supported two of our own, Allen and Albert Hughes. Since their early years as music video directors… Read more »