DJ Zxulu: Trial by Fire

“And I’m rap’s MVP, don’t make me remind y’all what happened in DC,” Game boasts on the remix to the 50 Cent remix of “Hate It Or Love It.” Those that monitor the Hip-Hop newswire can allude to what the Compton rapper is referring to. Even though the line isn’t specific, he could be threatening… Read more »



TJ’s DJ’s: Breakin’ Records

The record pool is a lost art. It’s the way many got discovered, and it was a critical way to build careers throughout the late 80’s and 90’s. With many club and radio DJ’s moving to CD’s, most record pools went by the wayside. But among the few standing, is an influential house in the… Read more »



50 Cent: Unforgivable Gangsta

The public cannot stop talking about 50 Cent. Here, we let 50 do the talking from his peaks and valleys to the changes he’s gone through as The Massacre of 2005 begins. Read on to see what’s going on with the G-Unit G. AllHipHop.com: You once said that you could never go commercial, do you… Read more »



Styles P: Choices

Styles P stares at a crossroads. Styles P, one third of Yonkers Rap triple threat, The LOX along with Jadakiss and Sheek Louch, is prepping to release his new album Time is Money in April. After shining on Akon’s “Locked Up Remix,” Jadakiss’ “Why? Remix” and countless mixtape cameos, Styles insists the highly anticipated follow… Read more »



Cormega: Delayed Testimony

Like Large Professor’s LP, insider critics always revered Cormega’s debut, The Testament as the greatest Hip-Hop you never got to hear. That notion has now changed. Def Jam never bothered to release ‘Mega’s debut in the late 90’s, but Cormega acquired his album almost a decade after its original inception. Deep into his career with… Read more »



Mike Jones: Mike Jones Riding Dirty

Let’s take history way back to the ice ages when Mother Earth was plagued by a chill factor that exterminated the mighty dinosaurs. Let’s forward to one of the many new faces of the music millennium, Ice Age Entertainment as headed by Mike Jones and the House that Swisha built. So who is Mike Jones,… Read more »



Chamillionaire: With A Vengeance

Houston we have a problem. It seems nowadays that Houston is having everything but problems. With the resurgence of Southern music on the forefront, all sorts of talent is definitely making sure to get in where they fit in and Houston born rapper, Chamillionaire is no exception. Now signed with Universal after selling over six-figures… Read more »



T-Weaponz: In The Moment

In the Bible, there is a story of three wise men who followed the light of the North Star to witness the birth of Christ. Upon their arrival, they would present to baby Jesus, gifts of myrrh, frankincense, and gold. Similarly, there would be three men who would travel of out Brooklyn’s East New York… Read more »



Dame Dash: Revival

Despite his flamboyant public persona, Dame Dash’s image is reeling. It’s suffering in a way that would destroy most men. But, this is Dame Dash, the same person who contributed to one of the mightiest rap dynasties in Roc-A-Fella Records, brought out the fresh-to-def clothes, the liquors, the films, and every side venture that could… Read more »



Big L: In Memoriam Part 2

“Da Graveyard”: Squad Up AllHipHop.com: “Da Graveyard” is probably the hardest Big L moment ever recorded. Tell me about the making of it? Grand Daddy I.U.: We did that s**t at Powerplay [Studios]. Buckwild had did the track. The n***a just called me. I did it on the strength of, that was my dude. There… Read more »



Big L: In Memoriam Part 1

Six years ago, one of Harlem’s greatest MC’s was stolen from the Hip-Hop community in single, violent moment of tragedy. To New York radio followers and others, Big L was a welcomed name throughout the underground – but there is no question that he was just days away from becoming as respected in the mainstream,… Read more »



AHH’s Valentines Day: A Love Supreme

Drugs and guns seem to be the poster-children of Hip-Hop to outsiders. But since day one, Hip-Hop has been about the love of something. Through the years, the genre has supplied some of the greatest love anthems of modernity. From Spoonie Gee to Ghostface Killah, Hip-Hop and love have coexisted with tremendous artistry and lots… Read more »



Nas: Open Book

Nas’ life is hardly an open book, but slowly, but surely the pages are starting to turn. The Queensbridge rapper has had a seismic shift in his life, priorities and has begun to let the public into his life. It started with his groundbreaking album Street’s Disciple. It offered songs with his father, odes to… Read more »



Boyz N Da Hood: The Saga Continues

The question that’s on everyone’s tongue is: How did Boyz N Da Hood, an Atlanta-based act, get a veteran power player in the industry like Puffy Combs to sign them to Bad Boy South? As owner and CEO of Block Entertainment, Block carries an authoritative air of a person who is definitely in charge. He… Read more »