Quincy “QDIII” Jones III: Renaissance Man

You ever look at directly at the sun? One blinding light in the hip hop universe that is and has been doing extraordinary things is Quincy Jones III. Better known as QDIII this man has been a visionary in hip hop and the complete music industry for nearly twenty years. His father, the pioneering legend… Read more »



Slick Rick: Free At Last

Freedom. Not many rappers appreciate their freedom as much as "Slick" Rick Walters. Born in South Wimbledon, London England, the rapper came to the United States at the tender age of 11. After hitting it big and becoming a pioneer in the rap game, the rapper ran afoul of the law and served a bid… Read more »



Raekwon: Verbal Intercourse Pt. 2

AllHipHop: Tell me about The Lex Diamond Story. RZA produced Cuban Linx in its entirety, but The Lex Diamond Story uses a range of producers. How do you decide who twists the knobs on your records? What do you look for? Rae: I look for whoever’s got the music, whether it’s RZA or someone else…. Read more »



Mc Lyte: Award Tour

MC Lyte: Award Tour Damainon Ewell The more that things change, the more things stay the same. Not so in the case of MC Lyte. Ten years after her only Grammy nomination, she has been nominated again for "Best Solo Performance By A Female MC For A Track Or Single, a new category the world-famous… Read more »



Ice T: Gangsta Superior

Ice T is perhaps the most understated legend of hip-hop music. EVER. As the original gangster of hip-hop, his influence, is represented in nearly every aspect of the genre seen today. While Schoolly D fathered it, Ice populated it, making it possible for Eazy E. NWA, and every other nigga with an attitude to have… Read more »



Ice T: Gangsta Superior Pt. 2

AllHipHop.com: What do you think about hip-hop nowadays coming from your background which expands from the golden era, the "gangsta era," the "political era" right up until now? Ice-T: I think its done well, its survived. I’m very happy to see alot of the young cats that are making the music making the money. It’s… Read more »



Remy Martin: Bloody Attitude

Remy Martin, the 23-year-old protégée of Big Pun, lingers at a crossroads. She is unsigned, but clearly commands the allure and lyrics to join any team or label. AllHipHop.com caught up to Remy as she ponders the future and a bunch of other entertaining stuff. AllHipHop.com: So where are you at right now? Remy: Right… Read more »



Memphis Bleek: Full Circle

Tucked away in a small room at the Roc-A-Fella Records’ offices with the remnants of ‘dro smoke in the air, Memphis Bleek is pensively viewing an unfinished version of his latest video, “Round Here” from his new album M.A.D.E. “I’ve seen this 30 times,” he says of the clip. “I ain’t had a video in… Read more »



Lloyd Banks: Batter Up Part 2

AllHipHop: Ya’ll have a strong force around ya’ll, can ya’ll enjoy life in that state? Lloyd Banks: It’s crazy because my success came kind of faster than an average artist. I can’t go no where in New York right now. Like when 50 walks through the mall they won’t care if he’s with his baby… Read more »



Juvenile: Brand New Day

Juvenile getting back with Cash Money is like N.W.A. reunion that everybody longed for. Juve’s return marks the return of the label’s greatest selling rapper and a mending of past beefs – sort of. While his foray alone didn’t get exactly as he planned, the Magnolia representer is taking it back to ’98 with his… Read more »



Luke Campbell: The Man, The Mouth

Luther Campbell has seen more in his 20 year career than perhaps any single person in the rap game. He has seen the top of the game after coming from the bottom, straight outta Miami’s Liberty City. Beef? Luke almost invented the concept. The rapper took on the U.S. Government, a President, Senators, not to… Read more »




Since 1992, DAS Efx has made it their mission in life to prove that they can compete with the best that Hip-Hop has to offer. Throughout their career, they have achieved many personal triumphs and suffered many setbacks, and have seen the best and the worst this industry has to offer. Coming off a five-year… Read more »



The Bravehearts: New York’s Bravest

In 1993, veteran journalist Gay Talese released the book “Fame and Obscurity,” a collection of articles he’d written about New York City. The book was critically acclaimed, and went on to become a bestseller. A year later, novice rapper Nas released the album illmatic, a collection of songs he’d written about New York City. The… Read more »



Pitch Black: The Blacker The Berry…

With the rift between supposed “real” hip hop and “mainstream” hip hop seemingly growing vaster with each release, emcees D.G., Devious, Fast, G.O.D., and Zakee, the five member group of BK spitters that make up Pitch Black, wish not to be pigeon holed into either of hip hops seemingly opposed schools of thought. Pitch Black’s… Read more »