Mikkey: Number One Pick

The Hip-Hop industry can be suffocating if you don’t set the business aspect of this game as your number one priority. Chicago’s multi-talented MC, Mikkey can vouch for that. Long before Kanye West was selling millions of records and winning Grammy’s, Mikkey was one of his closest friends. The two were inseparable, making music together… Read more »



Do or Die: From the Corners

Do or Die gave us one of the first anthems that made pimpin’ commercially acceptable and cool, especially if you were Po’. Along with a Beatnuts backed Common Sense, they were also early trailblazers for Chi City Rap culture. While in some regions, the album sales and radio play might not reflect it, this duo… Read more »



Junior M.A.F.I.A.: Back At It

As Ready To Die reached high plateaus, Biggie Smalls quickly created a platform for a nine of his closest friends. Junior Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes would go on to rule the year a decade ago with “Player’s Anthem” and “Get Money.” Names like Lil’ Cease and Lil’ Kim sprung into solo stature, and even… Read more »



Bruce George: Poetic Justice

Almost anyone who knows anything about Hip Hop, knows that the Rap element is rooted in African oral poetry. Back in the early days, some people used to say that Rap was an acronym for “Rhythmic African Poetry.” Few people in this world understand the historical, social and political impact of the poets as Bruce… Read more »



B.G.: Return of the Real

A few years ago, a hit single ransacked the streets, “Bling, Bling,” eventually it was a catch phrase and swept the world. Money and fame were everywhere for Cash Money, successful singles hitting airwaves in constant rotation in both radio and video. Together the collective was unstoppable, then inside quarrels in regards to mismanagement of… Read more »



Common: Invocation

It was his 1994 classic Resurrection that featured his timeless ode to Hip-Hop “I Used To Love H.E.R.” that established Common as one of the pioneers in conscious Hip-Hop; but unlike his predecessors, many knew that he was destined to be a long shining star. With a countless array of hit singles that not only… Read more »



Big Boi & Killer Mike: Hip-Hop Untied

Longevity. Creativity. Thoroughness. These characteristics embody what most artists hope for out of a career in the music industry, but very few are able to attain. So if there were a class offered to students studying the art of the Hip-Hop game, needless to say, Big Boi of the famed duo OutKast would serve as… Read more »



Freeway: Ridin’ Again

Since Freeway blazed Jay-Z’s “1-900-Hustler,” he’s remained a sturdy fixture in Hip-Hop. Now the Philadelphia native son returns with Free At Last, his second album. His debut, Philadelphia Freeway was a mere appetizer and soul food Free has in store. The bearded rapper known for his upset delivery is a man of few words, but… Read more »



Bow Wow: Grown Man Talk

It’s nearly noon in New York City—Wall Street to be exact. Ironically, the business capital of the world is the perfect locale to conduct an interview with a young man about to turn the entertainment industry upside down after a two-year hiatus. With a new album, movie, tour, and television series all on his plate,… Read more »



Jean Grae: Words from the Jeanius

Last time AllHipHop.com sat down with our favorite – Jean Grae, she discussed Michael Jackson, male nipples, and even the prospects of motherhood. Jean had so many interesting things to say, that we thought now was as good a time as any, to update for the fans, stalkers, and inquiring minds that wanted just a… Read more »