Lil’ Troy: ‘Face Off

In Nick Broomfield’s recent documentary, Biggie & Tupac, for possibly the first time, someone not associated with hip-hop culture acknowledges the surveillance of the F.B.I. on unsuspecting artists and other figures in the hip-hop community. Implying that the feds have aggressively monitored artists for years in the hope that they will lead them to bigger… Read more »



Smoke Bulga: Smoke Rises To The Top

Boston, Massachusetts has been better known more for their sports teams and New Edition than rappers over the years. But Smoke Bulga, a, cocky 22 year old Beantown native, has plans to grab more respect for the unduly looked over city only 200 some odd miles North of New York City. About a year ago… Read more »



Blueprint: Undaground Legend

“Be in Columbus, never seen Bow Wow” – Cam’ron from “What’s Really Good” This may come as a surprise to some, but Columbus, Ohio actually has a thriving hip-hop community, one that existed prior to a prepubescent pup began reppin’ for the CO (via the ATL). MHz, Copywrite, RJD2, and many other Columbus area hip-hop… Read more »



Cormega: Life Of An Outlaw

Cormega isn’t the type to let obstacles slow him down. From being shelved on a major label, to releasing two albums that he feels were not promoted properly, the Queens Bridge bred rapper maintains a positive attitude. Cormega reveals the true meaning of hard work, diligence and maturity. AllHipHop.com: What’s going on? Cormega: I’m just… Read more »



Bone Crusher: No Escapin This

Bone Crusher has spent over 10 years in the rap game’s wings, waiting for his chance to soar. Waiting patiently and learning from some of the industry’s most successful moguls, Bone Crusher absorbed the knowledge of those around him and is ready to drop it on the rest of the world. Underlying his violent content,… Read more »



Shawnna: D.T.P’s Hot Girl

Shawnna is one of very artists who were blessed with music running through their DNA. As the daughter of Blues pioneer Buddy Guy, she had special privileges coming up as a young girl. Money was never an issue, and she always had the latest fashions before any of her friends and schoolmates. But don’t get… Read more »



Ludacris: Still 2 Fast, 2 Furious

Ludacris recently took a break from recording and performing the southern club bangers that get us all crunk in the club. In the sequel to “The Fast and the Furious,” he joins Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, and Eva Modes in a brief but significant role. “2 Fast and 2 Furious,” directed by John Singleton, gives… Read more »



Inspectah Deck: Rebel Yell

Swinging the lyrical sword of the chosen few Inspectah Deck takes on his personal ills with no fear. Still, INS has survived years of label turmoil and has settled in at a new home with Koch Entertainment/In the Paint Records with new comforts. Here he revels in his past successes and obstacles and his desire… Read more »



Memphis Bleek: Through The Fire

Three Years. A hiatus of such length is considered career suicide for most rappers, but not Roc-A-Fella’s first signee Memphis Bleek. Bleek was taking care of some real business – the business of family. He witnessed the birth of his firstborn son and almost saw his older brother return to the essence. Now, he is… Read more »



Flo Brown: Inevitable

I’ve never been alive and there wasn’t hip-hop. That is why I feel like I’m fortunate to have this in my life. I’m blessed. –Flo Brown The relationship between an individual MC and hiphop is one that can be observed through the artist’s musical execution. Some emcees have a relationship with hiphop that is strictly… Read more »



The Cunninlynguists: Rappin’ For Food

The Cunninlynguists’ first album was aptly titled, “Will Rap For Food.” The duo made a record that illuminated a whole breed of conscious MC’s from below the Mason-Dixon. In the last two years, they’ve picked up a third member: SOS, built the rep, and rocked many stages. The group is comprised of two producers DJ… Read more »



Ol’ Dirty to Dirt McGirt: Welcome Home

Ol’ Dirty to Dirt McGirt: Welcome Home A two years stretch in jail is liable to test hip-hop’s collective, forgetful memory. However, when Ol’ Dirty Bastard, now known as Dirt McGirt, was greeted with a flock of reporters, photographers, fans and family – a reminder that Dirt is one of the most fascinating rappers to… Read more »



Stagga Lee: Testaments

Stagga Lee knows he is getting a raw deal, but he can’t seem to convince minions of rap fans of this. Nevertheless the Bronx-born, Yonkers-reared rapper assures himself and his detractors that his time is now, like it or not. A fan of the greats [Kool G Rap, Rakim, KRS-One], Stagga could, quite possibly be… Read more »



Detroit Hip Hop Summit: Wrap Up

The Detroit Hip Hop Summit is over. Like every 24-hour day, April 26, 2003 had to end at midnight. But the feelings can last a lifetime. The dialogue sparked at the historic event can create sweeping change to echo around the world. It is obvious the enormous power that hip-hop holds, economically, musically, politically, and… Read more »