Lil’ Flip: Down & Dirty

Flip is coping with success the best way he can. After a decade’s worth of grinding, he moved to major status and has dealt with the roller coaster called fame. With a local following threaded in street credibility, there was beef and rap tofu knocking on his front door. In a recent interview with AllHipHop.com,… Read more »



Freekey Zeekey: Jailhouse Rock

Freekey Zeekey has always made a big splash in the rap game, and suddenly he was out. Just like G-Unit and Tony Yayo, the crew still built a palace of fame and recognition waiting for Zeke on the outside. In the midst of his time on Riker’s Island, AllHipHop penetrated the correctional facility to get… Read more »



Brand Nubian: Fire In The Soul

Brand Nubian: Fire In The Soul By Topher Sanders It’s been more than half a decade since we’ve heard from Lord Jamar, Sadat X, Alamo, and Grand Puba as the collective Brand Nubian. In that time, the quartet has kept busy with solo projects, acting, and simply being family men. Now signed to Babygrande Records,… Read more »



Shyne: Walking The Green Mile: Part 1

To have Shyne tell it, he learned quite a bit during his truncated stint as Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs protégée. Perhaps, the Bad Boy mantra, “We won’t stop” is an appropriate motif for Jamal “Shyne”Barrow’s life. The last four years of his young life, Shyne has made the Clinton Correctional Facility his home after being convicted… Read more »



Tony Yayo: O.G. (Original Guerilla)

Watching G-Unit videos such as “Stunt 101” and “Poppin’ Them Thangs,” the uninformed hip-hop fan may foolishly think that the Guerilla Unit is made up of only 50 Cent, Young Buck, and Lloyd Banks. True followers of the infamous Unit, however, know that there has been a missing link riding with the crew in spirit… Read more »



Banks & Buck: Pop & Politics Pt. 2

Part II of G-Unit: Pop & Politics AllHipHop.com: They consider the South to be a real racially charged type of place, how is racism down there. Young Buck: The s**t is real. The s**t is realer than anywhere I’ve ever seen in the world. I know in New York, a lot of interracial people, all… Read more »



Banks & Buck: Pop & Politics Pt. 1

Over fifteen years ago, rap deity Dr. Dre helped birth N.W.A., one of the most radically active groups of all time. The Compton-based collective was armed with “street knowledge” and so are their descendents Young Buck and Lloyd of 50 Cent’s G-Unit. N.W.A. and G-Unit’s intellect manifests itself in different ways, but don’t assume these… Read more »



Papoose: Focused Lyrically

It’s commonly understood that first impressions are of the utmost importance. This old adage can easily be applied to new MCs hoping to make names for themselves in this fickle rap climate. Coming with simple punchlines and on-beat freestyles are a thing of the past, especially after hearing ‘Alphabetical Slaughter” by Brooklyn resident Papoose. Running… Read more »



AZ: Classic Material

AZ is vintage. Not Urban Outfitter-manufactured vintage, but genuine, back of the thrift store vintage. From his classic verse on Nas’s “Life’s a B***h” to his pairing with the QB vet on the Grammy-nominated “The Essence,” the Brooklyn-bred emcee has always embodied the sound of an influential era. Mid-90s New York, to be exact. But… Read more »



Talib Kweli: Beautiful Hustle

From the most hedonistically concerned club hopper, to the most obsessively analytical college kid, and everyone else in between, Brooklyn’s Talib Kweli is respected and admired. “Get By,” from 2002’s Quality is Kweli’s biggest hit, and it proved to be a sign of things to come for Kweli. Many who have followed his career felt… Read more »



Grafh : The Big Payoff

Back in 2002, the mixtape scene was rapidly launching little-known New York City rappers into the forefront of the hip-hop game. Names such as 50 Cent and Joe Budden were dominating the streets with various freestyles while making bootlegs by the likes of Kay Slay and DJ Clue must-haves. One MC whose name appeared alongside… Read more »



Charlie 2Na: Jurassic One

In the Land of Milk and Honey, where everything isn’t always so sunny, it seems like it gets more difficult for musicians – especially Hip-Hop – to find the keys to longevity. Jurassic 5, however, one of West Coast hip-hop’s pioneers, has figured out how to allow six individual voices to stand out and stand… Read more »



The Beatnuts: Back

The Beatnuts are one of the most criminally slept on crews, ever. “Off the Books” and “Watch Out Now” are gems for the history books. But while MTV might play an instrumental while their cornball hosts talk, you won’t see a Beatnuts heater getting airplay. Like a lot of artists, JuJu and Psycho Les have… Read more »



Cuban Link: Going All Out

There is not an MC on Earth that knows the fall from grace better than Cuban Link. He was once a member of one of Hip-Hop most prominent groups, the Terror Squad. The glue that held the group together, the great Big Pun, died suddenly, and from that moment on, his life in Hip-Hop spiraled… Read more »