Lloyd Banks: A Friend Like Me

After being heard by 9 million fans of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks needs little introduction. AllHipHop’s Jigsaw talked to 50’s chief lyrical machine gun. The conversation went as follows: AllHipHop: When you hooked up with 50 Cent did you know that it was going to be this big – like this? Lloyd Banks: I did…. Read more »



Remy Martin: Game Don’t Wait Pt 1

Three years ago, the future of women in hip-hop seemed real promising. Mixtape addicts everywhere were being blessed with hot freestyles from a bevy of femcees who, for the first time in years, were really giving the fellas a run for their money. Tomboys everywhere celebrated the arrival of real emcees like Lady Luck, Jane… Read more »



Atmosphere: Letters from the Road

Slug and Ant are the lords of the underground. As Atmosphere, they have pioneered the proof that hip-hop could survive in a new city, like Run DMC. They followed the blueprint of the culture: performing, similar to KRS-One. There isn’t many Saturday nights in the year where Slug isn’t behind a microphone entertaining the masses…. Read more »



The U.S. Army’s Hip-Hop Tour

The Source Magazine and the U.S. Army have teamed up together to create “The Source Campus Combat – Ultimate MC Battle Tour 2003.” This tour, featuring headlining performance artists such as Memphis Bleek, Nappy Roots and Black Moon, is both a usual and unusual event. It is usual in the sense that it allows college… Read more »



Beanie Sigel: Crossroads

Dwight "Beanie Sigel" Grant stands at the crossroads – and perhaps the most pivotal point in his young life. He’s been delivered his share of strife but The Philadelphia-reared rapper is definitely facing the most turmoil of his entire rap career. Currently, Beans is facing federal assault and weapons charges, attempted murder charges and drug… Read more »



Carl “Big D.” Jordan: Friend or Foe

Carl “Big D.” Jordan is a self described lifelong friend of “Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell. Mizell introduced Jordan to the rap game, by using his connections at Rush Management to get a job in the office. Jordan and Mizell kept close through the years, both living in the same area of Hollis, Queens. On mischief night, the evening before… Read more »



Exclusive: Police Source On JMJ Murder

One year after the murder of one of the most influential DJ’s in history, the entire Hip-Hop community wonders why our heroes have been murdered and the cases never get solved. The Jam Master Jay case has exposed things that otherwise would have never been known about the characters of certain people in the music… Read more »



Ron G: Still Rollin

Is your current single lagging on the charts? Do you want to get your radio spins up? Then you might want to refurbish that song with a re-mix. Look no further than DJ/producer Ron-G. As a youth, he took on the title "Youngest In Charge" and he not only took charge – he changed the… Read more »



Jay-Z: The Black Album Preview

Jay-Z insists that after the The Black Album, the curtain finally falls on his illustrious career in hip-hop music. Reclining comfortably at Bassline Studios in Manhattan, with engineer Young Guru, Hov quipped with a group of journalists and media heavies. At a listening session for his latest, Hova revealed the soundtrack to his victory lap… Read more »



Havoc: Sonic Blaze Pt. 2

AllHipHop: What’s the state of the group and where are you headed? H: Well, Mobb Deep is very much intact. We still here. We here to make Mobb Deep albums. Me and P are very focused-even more focused than ever. P is gonna make his solo joints. I’m going to make one too. We gonna… Read more »



Havoc: Sonic Blaze

Mobb Fans have been patiently waiting and waiting and waiting for the next street soundtrack from The Infamous. The Queensbridge-bred duo left fans hanging since their last album, Infamy, way back in 2001. Die-hard fans of the group got their pallet wet with 2002’s Free Agents, the double album mixtape, which had enough heat to… Read more »



C-Bo: Ten Lives

October 17th, 2003 will be a day that West Coast Mafia CEO C-Bo will never forget. In the early mornings after leaving a nightclub in Kansas City, he and artists from his record label were met with a barrage of bullets while they sat in their SUV. Miraculously, no one was killed, and no life… Read more »



Cam’ron: The Rugged Individual

Cam’ron’s past is often overlooked. For instance, people don’t care to recollect that The Notorious B.I.G. wanted to sign the rookie. He also once spit bars with a shiney-suitless Murder Mase, McGruff and Big L (RIP) as a member of the Children of the Corn. Through his ever-changing career, Cam has shown many faces, all… Read more »