MF the Super Villain Part 2

When asked about the disproportionate volume of glam and glit to creative and artistic music these days, Doom will tell you: "It’s kind of a problem in Hip hop, as far as the actual product that comes out to the public. The public is paying for it. You got cats that’s in it that think… Read more »



Eazy E Remembered: Phyllis Pollack

Phyllis Pollack knew Eric Wright early in his career, and was one of those who went to the hospital in 1995. Phyllis worked as a publicist for various NWA and Eazy E albums over the ten year career. She’s even the one who wrote the liner notes in the re-released Straight Outta Compton and albums…. Read more »



Crooked I: On the Fringe

Crooked I is fighting for his life. After almost a decade of being promised to be on the horizon, Crooked I finds himself there still, at the top of 2005. Caught between a lawsuit with Death Row Records, Crooked is on the fringe of controlling his own destiny. He’s being especially proactive, and told AllHipHop.com… Read more »




Full HeaderPrint “The Oprah Issue” By Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur Oprah Winfrey and Hip-Hop have peacefully co-existed for decades with little-to-no fanfare, but the inevitable happened – friction. The Oprah Winfrey Show debut in 1986, the same year Run DMC injected a heavy dose of Hip-Hop straight to America’s commercial vein with “Walk This Way.” Since,… Read more »