Cory Gunz: Slow Grind

“Big and Pac left…now Jay’s leaving is the reason I’m next” – Cory Gunz. The way blocks are buzzing about him similar to the early buzz on 50 Cent’s second stab at the rap game.  Call it a slow grind…The Drama King DJ Kay Slay in a recent interview projected that Cory Gunz would be… Read more »



Drag-On: Back From Hell

AllHipHop.com: First thing, can you tell people about your new project, what people can expect? Drag-On: On this album, it’s just straight hard. It’s not being like too commercial. Got a few joints on there like "bang bang boom." Did a joint with Eve. The rest is just hard. Like straight up. I got like… Read more »




This story is a reprint from BET.com Electoral politics are a hot topic for the hip-hop community these days as many of it’s leaders are seeking to bear influence on the 2004 presidential election. Their goal is to effectively educate, mobilize and get young people out to the polls. The question is can it be… Read more »



Prodigy: The Score

Longevity is not a common thing in Hip-Hop. Nor is consistency. Only an elite few artists can count themselves among those whose careers have lasted ten years or more.  Even fewer are those who have released more than five albums, each posting similar numbers. And fewer still are the ones who have accomplished this as… Read more »



Encore: Standing Ovation

You may not be familiar with Encore, but after this week’s release of Layover, you will be. In fact, the span of Encore’s career is probably longer than your favorite rapper’s. When he wasn’t a Handsome Boy in Modeling School (the album that is), he was taking over the Bay Area underground with his conscious,… Read more »



Ill Bill: The Sound and the Fury

What’s wrong with Bill? The kid just ain’t right. As one third of Brooklyn’s heavy hitters Non Phixion, Ill Bill has carved his name in blood with his rugged, rapid-fire spray of rhymes and his dominating presence. Non Phixion’s debut; The Future is Now was an instant underground classic, and while everyone is awaiting the… Read more »



Ken Starr & Oddisee: No Half Steppin’

            When Rawkus Records closed their doors this season, hip-hop fans by and large were hurt. It also meant the end of a great notion, the saving grace to Hip-Hop music. That same excitement that was prevalent in those early Rawkus releases might very well be what’s to come over at Halftooth Records.             Kenn… Read more »



Shyheim: Back From Hell

As the youngest affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan, Shyheim “The Rugged Child” hit the scene at the age of 14. He was lyrically impressive and dropped 1996’s The Lost Generation way before Lil’ Bow Wow and Romeo would hit the scene. He came up as a native of Staten Island and even lived with Ghostface… Read more »



Bronze Nazareth: Whole Entity

According to a quote by Henry Bromel, “We all carry around so much pain in our hearts. Love and pain and beauty. They all seem to go together like one little tidy confusing package.” This quote is the absolute essence of the music brought forth by Bronze Nazareth. The young RZA protege possesses the unique… Read more »



Connie Mizell-Perry: Open, Honest Pt. 2

AllHipHop: There is a police station in the area that Jay was shot and killed. How could that have happened with the police being so close? CMP: I don’t know. That’s what makes me think it was all inside. If the security tape was working all along, why wasn’t itworking that night? AllHipHop: What do you think about… Read more »