Tupac Shakur: On The Line With Tupac

One of the most interesting and intense interviews, I’ve ever conducted was with Tupac Shakur.. He had just hit it big with the movie "Juice" and everyone was wondering was he just acting or putting forth his real life persona in the movie. Although I had known him for a couple of years it was… Read more »



Fatal: Revisited

When Tupac Shakur exited this physical plane called Earth, he left behind millions of fans. One of the biggest was fellow Immortal Outlaw Fatal Hussein, who is still in the world living Thug Life. Tonight is another one of those nights. A hot summer night in the city where tension is climbing steadily. New Jersey… Read more »



Mic Geronimo: Back From Hell

Mic Geronimo is one of those MC’s that took hip-hop through the nineties. He picked up on the gritty styles of the mid-years, and dragged hip-hop through the flashy age, and now on to the independent frontier. Not many people realize that in 1995, Ja Rule, DMX, Cormega, and Irv Gotti were all riding on… Read more »



C-Bo: The Life Of A Rider

Recent history tells us that a successful independent artist is a scarce commodity. C-Bo has broken the mold and is laughing all the way to the bank. His current resume reads like the who’s-who of Hip-Hop: a true-to-form entrepreneur, owner of all his masters and backlog, and an estimated two million albums sold (all without… Read more »



Style Wars

Style Wars In 1982, New York hip-hoppers were living in danger. They weren’t shooting up each others’ cars, instead graffiti writers, many of whom, kids, were running from police in pursuit of expression. Style Wars captures that essence. The documentary film explores that defiant rebellion that makes hip-hop. Style Wars is not a hip hop… Read more »



24K: Mama Said…

No intro – Get to know 24K, a female emcee on the verge. AllHipHop.com: You’re from Canada? 24K: Yeah, born and raised, but this is home now. AllHipHop.com: Why you say that? 24K: ‘Cause it feels more like home, I get more love here. It’s hard because there’s no industry over there especially since I’m… Read more »



dead prez: Plantation Life

Fans have anxiously awaited an album release from internationally acclaimed rap duo, dead prez, for several, painful months. While it has already garnered stellar reviews sources at Columbia Records have revealed (off the record) that dead prez was no longer on its payroll. The group was allegedly dropped according to unofficial reports as a result… Read more »



Extended F@mm: A Happy F*ck You Interview

Tonedeff, Substantial, PackFM, Session. You may have heard them individually, or read about them, but together they’re Extended F@mm. As a group, their music is undeniably catchy and their individual styles are truly unique. Their joint project Happy F*ck You Songs, brought the return of the battle MC mixed with a sense of humor and… Read more »



MC Lyte: Rock Of Ages

It is an undeniable fact that few MCs have contributed more to the game of Hip-Hop than MC Lyte. To say she helped blaze a trail for other female MCs to follow would do her a severe injustice. Not only has she garnered the respect of her peers, she has captured the imagination of those… Read more »



Lil’ Troy: ‘Face Off

In Nick Broomfield’s recent documentary, Biggie & Tupac, for possibly the first time, someone not associated with hip-hop culture acknowledges the surveillance of the F.B.I. on unsuspecting artists and other figures in the hip-hop community. Implying that the feds have aggressively monitored artists for years in the hope that they will lead them to bigger… Read more »



Smoke Bulga: Smoke Rises To The Top

Boston, Massachusetts has been better known more for their sports teams and New Edition than rappers over the years. But Smoke Bulga, a, cocky 22 year old Beantown native, has plans to grab more respect for the unduly looked over city only 200 some odd miles North of New York City. About a year ago… Read more »



Blueprint: Undaground Legend

“Be in Columbus, never seen Bow Wow” – Cam’ron from “What’s Really Good” This may come as a surprise to some, but Columbus, Ohio actually has a thriving hip-hop community, one that existed prior to a prepubescent pup began reppin’ for the CO (via the ATL). MHz, Copywrite, RJD2, and many other Columbus area hip-hop… Read more »



Cormega: Life Of An Outlaw

Cormega isn’t the type to let obstacles slow him down. From being shelved on a major label, to releasing two albums that he feels were not promoted properly, the Queens Bridge bred rapper maintains a positive attitude. Cormega reveals the true meaning of hard work, diligence and maturity. AllHipHop.com: What’s going on? Cormega: I’m just… Read more »