Diamond D: Dope On Plastic

AllHipHop represents for those who can recite a verse from beginning to end, those who quote lyrics to explain serious life situations, and those who have an arsenal of punch-line snaps in their raps. But AllHipHop has just as much love for the producer. From eight bar loops, to live instrumentation, to the Triton, we… Read more »



Kon & Amir: Archaeology

Sampling is back, but who are we really cheering on? Some popular producers may have pocketed a way to get the radio and video markets to play sample-based tracks. But before its new resurgence, Kon and Amir mastered the art and appreciation for classic records with classic sampleable elements, and doesn’t lift them at all?… Read more »



Cam’ron: Cult of Personality

Is Cam going to paint the world purple like he did with the color pink? If the Harlemite’s past influence is any indication that would be a resounding affirmative. With Purple Haze on deck, Cam revealed what’s really good in his life these days. AllHipHop.com: Cam can you speak on the new album and what… Read more »



Common: When War Meets Peace

While most artist decide to dedicate 16 bars to Jacob’s pricey jewels or whatever reality lies in the street, Common reflects a more socially aware side of Hip-Hop.  Drawing from a more organic blend and shunning conformity, The Chicago native has carved his own niche – even if it causes critical chatter.  Obviously, being different… Read more »



Young Buck: Efil4aggin

Young Buck has done more dirt in his tumultuous 21 years than, than most will endure in their entire life. Hell, one might think he’d be labeled “Old Steed” rather than Young Buck based on life experience. Regardless, as one of the celebrated factions in G-Unit’s lyrical militia, he’s the next bullet out the chamber… Read more »



Snoop Dogg: The Realest Part I

With a successful career spanning well over ten years in the game, Snoop Doggy Dogg has more than paid the cost to be the boss. The Boss ain’t just selling woof tickets, he’s sounding off about the state of Hip-Hop and who and what needs to be eliminated for the perpetuation of the movement. He… Read more »



Masta Killa: Back to the Essence

An anachronism is something that’s out of place in a space in time. You’ll hear film critics use it when things don’t add up – like a piece of money in “Titanic.” Rarely is the term good. But in Hip-Hop, the term is almost never used – and if it were, it could mean something… Read more »



Ghostface: Change Gon’ Come

Ghostface (Killah) is one of hip-hop’s champions of consistency. And he’s continuously blessed eager listeners with bars that provoke thought, twisted faces and head nods. But after 10 years, Ghost is going through changes, which these days is commonly referred to as “grown man s**t.” As a lot of surface rappers remain identical to their… Read more »



J-Kwon: Misguided Missile

J-Kwon, the St. Louis born rapper who burst onto the scene a few months ago with his hit “Tipsy,” acts a lot like someone who doesn’t have a set course or destination. The Arista/So So Def artist maintains that only God knows the true path to what will transpire from his rap career. Obviously, based… Read more »



Tapemasters Inc.: Flooding the Masses

Tapemasters Inc.: Flooding the Masses By Paine One of the reasons Kid Capri abandoned the mixtape formula he helped revolutionized was the exclusive. Back in the early nineties, if you leaked a track or played a certain cut, you might find Eric B. or Kool G Rap pounding on your door at three in the… Read more »



M.O.P: Rocksteady Pt. 2

AllHipHop.com: What you think about Hip-Hop in general not taking any risks? BD: I mean trends is dope, but it got to be something that really means something. Like who really cares, I was just telling a homie the other day: I got a lot of respect for B.I.G., always had a lot of respect… Read more »



M.O.P: Rocksteady Pt. 1

The Mash Out Posse, aka M.O.P., is one of the few hip-hop products that continues to live up to the rugged ideology that embodied the 90’s. But while the M.O.P. grinded for years, plowing through the underground, they didn’t meet the mainstream face-to-face until “Ante Up,” from their Warriors CD. Now, M.O.P. will take their… Read more »



Trina: Strictly Business

Right now, one could argue that Trina is leading the pack of female rappers, if only by default. But, regardless of what side you might debate for, the fact is, the Miami native is on her grind and focused on making things pop even though she is now a seasoned connoisseur of getting all eyes… Read more »



Ness of Da Band: Holding It Down

While Dylan and Fred made names for themselves as memorable TV characters with their antics on the finale of Making the Band 2, Ness remained focused on his craft in hopes of becoming just as memorable, but in the music business. Because of his focus, he, along with Babs, was selected by P.Diddy to remain… Read more »