THE 33 Delivers Visceral Action With Heart

A complex portrait of both the frailty and the tenacity of the human spirit, Warner Bros. motion picture release THE 33, starring Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips, Juliette Binoche and Gabriel Byrne takes viewers on a harrowing ride to the core of a compromised mountain as well as a dark night of the human soul…. Read more »


The Stars Align For Cosmo Girls Glam Celebrity “Fashion for a Cause” Event

  On October 24th, celebrated publicist MarieDriven recently hosted the 4th Annual Cosmo Girls Glam Event, bringing together celebrities, designers, music artists and industry influencers in an effort to help raise funds and awareness for autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder. Valarie Person, creator of Cosmo Girls Glam – designed the platform for young upcoming entrepreneurs, fashion designers, models and… Read more »