Daily Word: Occupy Distractions!

Refuel your life with’s new “Daily Word” column from Ash’Cash! Happy Tuesday, ladies, gents, dons, & divas! Welcome to the first day of November, and the first day of the rest of your life! Instead of waiting until New Year’s to make a resolution, start today to make a commitment to change your life… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Butch Lewis’ Spectacular Homegoing Service

Wilmington, Del. – “The Crew” had all assembled at Ronald E. “Butch” Lewis’ casket to pay their final respects – as TV’s Judge Joe Mathis described them, “40 Black men he connected over the years.” Lewis’ coveted “Crew” included actor Denzel Washington, actor/director Robert Townsend, comedian Michael Colyer, actor Leon, actor/comedian Darryl “Chill” Mitchell, Morehouse… Read more »



Mike Vick: Reviled to Redemption

(The These days when Michael Vick sits down to talk about his life over the past few years, he’s looking back at a series of extremes — from star quarterback, to reviled dogfighter, to comeback kid — and now, mentor. That last role is brand new for him. By his own admission, Vick had… Read more »



Andre Berto: Now or Never

The clock is ticking on Andre Berto. It may seem strange to say that about an athlete just entering his physical and mental prime at 27 years old. But after years of being spotlighted on HBO, Berto’s talent has not quite matched up with his competition. It hasn’t all been his fault. The devastating Haiti… Read more »