Nappy Roots Give Free Concert, Prep Next Single/Video

The Nappy Roots will give Kentucky fans a free concert to celebrate the annual “Nappy Roots Day,” on Tuesday, September 16th.The group will perform at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium next week in, in addition to speaking at various high schools about the importance of education.In addition, NBA stars and Kentucky natives Derek Anderson, Allan Houston… Read more »



Youngbloodz Score Highest Debut Of Their Career

Atlanta rap duo Youngbloodz scored the highest chart debut of their career with the release of their album, Drankin’ Patnaz. The sophomore set from J-Bo and Sean Paul entered Billboard’s Top 200 Album’s chart at #5, moving 85,036 copies after being in stores for one week. The album also debuted at #1 on the Rap… Read more »



Beanie Sigel Cleared For Minnesota Drug Program

A Judge cleared Philly rapper Beanie Sigel to attend a drug counseling at an undisclosed treatment facility in Minnesota. U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick ordered Sigel to post a $1,000,000 federal bond, $150,000 in cash, a $400,000 house and four other properties. Upon successful completion of the drug/anger management program, a judge will determine… Read more »



Nelly’s Pimp Juice Target Of Nationwide Boycott

A coalition of African-American organizations are launching a national boycott of rapper Nelly’s Pimp Juice energy drink and any store that sells it. Project Islamic Hope, The National Alliance For Positive Action, The National Black Anti-Defamation League will hold a press conference tomorrow at 10:00 am (PST) at The Liquor Bank in South Central Los… Read more »



RIAA Files Hundreds Of Lawsuits Against File Traders

The Recording Industry Association of America filed hundreds of lawsuits against consumers who engage in file sharing, accusing individuals of illegally downloading and sharing copyrighted material. The lawsuits, which numbered 261, were filed in courts around the country by the RIAA, who represents Sony, EMI, BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music. The RIAA said this… Read more »



Rap Label Executive Gunned Down

The CEO of an upcoming record label in Florida was gunned down after receiving a haircut in a barbershop owned by former Miami Heat star, Alonzo Mourning. Alexander Bernard Harris, 33, and Todd Green, 28, were shot by hooded gunman in Mourning’s Cutz barbershop, which he owns with his barber. One of the victims was… Read more »



Kansas Police Blame Lil Jon Song For Violence

Police in Wichita, Kansas have asked local club owners to stop playing Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz song "Put Yo Hood Up," claiming the song was responsible for a nightclub shooting. Last week, five people were shot outside of the El Tequila Club. Authorities claim that the fight started with the playing of the… Read more »



Beanie Sigel Bail Revoked

A judge revoked Beanie Sigel’s bid to leave federal prison and enter into a drug rehabilitation and anger management program, after the man he allegedly shot claimed he received daily threats. Terrence Speller, who claims Sigel is the man who shot him in the stomach and foot at a Philadelphia bar, testified that he and… Read more »



Dead Prez Preps New Mixtape, Launch Label

Revolutionary rap group dead prez is preparing to drop a mixtape, Get Free Or Die Trying, and has launched their own label, Boss Up (B.U.) "We did that mixtape in two weeks," stic told "We are flooding the hood with this RBG sh*t uncut, straight off the press, not trying to tweak it with… Read more »



Tragedy Khadafi Arrested With Nore

When Nore was apprehended by the Manhattan police yesterday (Sept. 3), the authorities also booked fellow Queens rapper Tragedy Khadafi after weed was found in the Def Jam rapper’s Hummer. “Trag was with Nore when they were pulled over,” a rep for the rapper confirmed with “He’s currently locked down as well.” The rep… Read more »