George Bush Declares June Black Music Month

President Bush issued a proclamation on May 31, officially declaring June as "Black Music Month" in the United States. Throughout the month, Bush said that every American should celebrate a "critically important part" of the United States’ cultural history by "highlighting the enduring legacy of African-American musicians, singers, and composers." Bush urged every American "to… Read more »



Jay-Z Declares Support For Education Boycott

Jay-Z issued a call for students in NYC to join him in supporting the "Mobilization For Education" march on City Hall tomorrow (June 4th). In a PSA that is being aired on New York City radio stations, Jay-Z urges his fans to join the march is to protest Mayor Bloomberg & Governor Pataki’s proposed $1.2… Read more »



Billboard Introduces New Rap Chart

Billboard has introduced a new Chart to their magazine, the Hot Rap Tracks. The new 25 position chart is based on radio airplay information provided to Billboard by Nielsen BDS, a service that monitors what records radio stations play. The charts are based on information from a panel of 134 radio stations and chart rankings… Read more »



Steve Rifkind Launching Hip-Hop Channel

As we reported last month, former Loud Records CEO (and currently CEO of SRC) Steve Rifkind is launching what he calls a "mini-studio." While he has not released detailed information about the entire scope of the project, one arm of the company will be a hip-hop lifestyles channel. The channel, which was created by Rifkind… Read more »



South Park Mexican Sentenced To 45 Years

Carlos "South Park Mexican" Coy was sentenced to 45 years in prison after a jury convicted him of sexually assaulting a 9 year old girl. Coy, who took the stand in his own defense despite objections from his attorney, displayed no emotion when the judge read the sentence. Coy was also ordered to pay a… Read more »



Foxy Starts New Label With Def Jam

Foxy Brown recently re-signed with Def Jam & negotiated a label deal. Ill Na Na Records will be headed by her brothers Gavin & Anton Marchand. “We are trying to make Ill NaNa a brand name, where the music, the movement & logo are embedded in the conversation & minds of everyone,” Anton told…. Read more »



Run Acts In Silence Of The Lambs prequel

Joseph “Reverend ” Simmons will make a cameo appearance in “Red Dragon,” the prequel to “Silence Of The Lambs.” The movie, which stars Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton & Harvey Keitel, centers around a former FBI agent tracking a serial killer. “Run has always had a tremendous amount of personality & stage presence,” director Brett Ratner… Read more »



Snoop Pleads No Contest To Drug Charges

On Tuesday Snoop Dogg pleaded no contest in an Ohio court to marijuana possession charges receiving a $250 fine and a suspended 30-day jail sentence. Last October, Snoop was arrested in Ohio, when state troopers found marijuana and other drug paraphernalia after stopping his tour bus in a Cleveland suburb.



Soundbombing 3 Special On MTV

Rawkus Records is preparing to release their third installment in their popular Soundbombing series. To support Soundbombing 3 project, MTV and MTV2 will air a Soundbombing 3 special which will discuss the history of hip-hop and the evolution of Rawkus Records’ Soundbombing series. Featured on the special are Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, De La Soul,… Read more »



Audiogalaxy Hit With Lawsuit

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed a copyright lawsuit against popular file sharing service, Audiogalaxy last Friday. The suit, which was filed in Federal Court in New York alleges that Audiogalaxy’s efforts to block copyrighted material have proven to be ineffective. According to, Audiogalaxy is one of the most popular file sharing… Read more »



Attention: Parents, Students And Teachers

Cynthia Nixon, member of the Alliance for Quality Education and star of "Sex In The City," Russell Simmons and Minister Benjamin Muhammad of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, together with the United Teachers Federation (more names to be announced shortly) WHAT: A "Mobilization For Education" march on City Hall to protest Mayor Bloomberg and Governor… Read more »



Ice Cube In Negotiations For New Film

Ice Cube is negotiations with MGM to rewrite and executive produce "Race," through his Cube Vision film production company. The comedy centers around a black cab driver who ends up on the NASCAR racing circuit. A search for cast and a director will begin once terms of the deal are worked out. Cube next star… Read more »



Nate Dogg Gets Probation

Nate Dogg was sentenced to one year probation after pleading guilty for possession of marijuana. Nate Dogg was arrested in Arizona after his tour bus was stopped for speeding. A search of the vehicle found marijuana and two guns, one loaded and one reported stolen from Los Angeles, California. Nate was also fined $4,400 and… Read more »



Mystikal Launches Label

Gulf War Veteran Mystikal has launched his own record label, Big Truck Records and is currently negotiating a distribution deal. The label has signed new artists Maxminelli, Beezy Boy, Dart and female rapper Shonnie. "The four artists I have on the roster right now are dope. I’m also looking for about four or five dope… Read more »