Al Sharpton’s Rally Talks Hip-Hop

Presidential hopeful Rev. Al Sharpton held his second Annual National Convention for his National Action Network over the past weekend that was punctuated with a hip-hop workshop on Saturday evening. The last workshop, “Using The Influence Of Hip-Hop To Empower Our Youth,” served as a town meeting for the public to engage with a robust… Read more »



Eminem Has A New Court Date

Eminem is scheduled to appear in a Macomb County, Michigan court next month to defend himself against a defamation lawsuit. Eminem and sanitation engineer DeAngelo Bailey, 32, of Warren could not come to a settlement after mediation and proposals to settle the case were rejected. Bailey, a childhood associate of Eminem, claimed he was defamed… Read more »



Dick Gregory, Bootcamp Clik, Headline 4th Annual “Hip Hop As A Movement” Conference

Human rights anti-war activist and comedian legend Dick Gregory will deliver the keynote speech to open the fourth annual “Hip Hop Generation-Hip Hop As A Movement” Conference, April 11-13, 2003 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Gathering under the banner of Peace and Anti-Militarism, the weekend event will feature panels, strategy sessions, and performances. The… Read more »



Rahzel On ‘Greatest Knockouts’ Tour

The self proclaimed "Godfather of Noyze," Rahzel, recently embarked on "The Greatest Knockouts World Tour," a 19 outing with Rocksteady Crew member DJ JS-1 to showcase his beatboxing and sound effect abilities and support to support a mixtape of collaborations and performances around the world. Greatest Knockouts Vol.1 features a brand new track that features… Read more »



P.Diddy, MTV Criticized By NY Neighbors

MTV’s show "Making The Band 2" and P. Diddy have come under fire from residents in Greenwich Village in New York, where the show is being filmed. MTV rented two combined brownstone townhouses for the show and neighbors are complaining of loitering, noise and cigarette butts being left on the sidewalk. Residents in the area… Read more »



FBI Not Happy With Latest Ja-Rule Video

Irv Gotti may have committed a federal crime by using the FBI letters in Ja-Rule’s latest video "The Reign," without permission. The video features Patrick Swayze as an FBI agent and recreates the FBI raid on Murder Inc.’s offices earlier this year. While FBI officials aren’t pleased with the video, they said that it would… Read more »



Exclusive: Juvenile And Cash Money Reunite

EXCLUSIVE: Juvenile has reunited with Cash Money Records after a bitter breakup in 2001. “Juvenile and Cash Money have settled any differences they had, and Juve is currently working on album which will be released by Cash Money later this year,” Peter Seitz, CEO of American Talent Agency, told ATA is Juvenile’s management company… Read more »



ODB Out Of Jail, GZA Speaks

Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard has been released from an upstate New York prison. According to sources Ol’ Dirty is being held in a New York area mental facility after he was deemed unsafe to the public. Fellow Clan members remained optimistic that Ol’ Dirty would be released as early as July. “It’s good… Read more »



Jay-Z To Be Honored

IJay-Z will be honored along with Jive Records President Barry Weiss tomorrow, April 2. The two mogul’s will be honored by the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding at the home of songwriter Denise Rich. The award comes for promoting diversity in the workplace. The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to… Read more »



Queen Latifah Named In $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Recent Academy Award nominee, Queen Latifah, is among named defendants in a copyright lawsuit seeking $15 million over the box office standout, “Bringing Down the House.” Marie Flaherty, a New York attorney, claims to have written a screenplay entitled “Amoral Dilemma,” whose plot is strikingly parallel to that of “Bringing Down the House.” In 1999,… Read more »