Informant Makes Controversial Allegations Regarding Tupac; Music Biz

An informant has made a number of startling allegations surrounding organized crime, Hip-Hop and the music business in FBI documents released by Los Angeles Times reporter Chuck Phillips and the Los Angeles Times.   An unnamed informant in prison claims in the documents that a teenager named James Sabatino owned Soundstorm Entertainment, which was allegedly a front… Read more »


D-12 Manager Charged With Assaulting Teenaged Girls

A man who manages D-12 was charged yesterday (March 17) with assaulting two teenaged girls and providing them with drugs.   Jeremy Nathanial Geffen once managed a number of musicians, including Hip-Hop group D-12 and Atlanta rapper Sean Paul through his management company, Geffen Enterprises.   According to police, Geffen, 35, assaulted the teengaged girls… Read more »