Outkast Inks Label Deal With Elektra

Elektra Entertainment has entered into a label deal with the much sought after brain trust of multiplatinum hip hop group Outkast. Andre "3000" Benjamin, and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, both of Outkast and David "Mr. DJ" Sheats, (principals in the production team Earthtone III) have launched Atlanta based Aquemini Records with Elektra. The first artist… Read more »



Kim Mathers Files $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Kim Mathers has added more drama to the life of Eminem. On Monday, she filed a $10 Million dollar lawsuit against Eminem, claiming that he was unfit to retain custody of his daughter. Eminem filed divorce papers last week in Detroit, seeking to end his marriage to Kim, and establish joint custody of their child…. Read more »



Hip-Hop Meets Porn!

If you are a lover of Pornography, like we at are, then you have to check out the latest offering from Hardcorps Entertainment. The album features 14 tracks of well known musicians backing up porno actresses vocals. As a spokesperson put it: "Please keep in mind that this record is NOT an attempt to… Read more »



New Juvenile Album Dropping

Juvenile (born Terius Gray), the platinum selling artist with Cash Money Records, has a new album dropping September 26th. The album, titled Playaz Of The Game will be released on D3 Entertainment, a label that Juvenile recorded for prior to blowing up with Cash Money. The album, contains Juvenile’s break through record, Bounce For The… Read more »



Half Of The United States Files Lawsuit

Over half of the States in North America have filed suit against 5 of the worlds largest record labels, accusing them of price fixing. 28 States filed suit in U.S. District Court For The Southern District Of New York. The suit centers on a policy called “minimum advertised pricing” (MAP), under which the labels subsidized… Read more »



MC Eiht Drops New Album

MC Eiht, who dropped another classic album titled N’ My Neighborhood last month on Mack 10’s Hoo Bangin label, has announced the reformation of Compton’s Most Wanted, the pioneering group which launched Eiht Hype to stardom in 1990, with their debut release It’s A Compton Thang. CMW is featured on 3 tracks off of the… Read more »



Volume Changes Internet Strategy, the internet portal funded by HBO, has been totally reformed. Volume was adversely affected by the America Online aquisition of Time Warner. Originally, had a staff that was taken from The Source Magazine, ABC News, and several other prominent places. However, the site will now focus less on original content and more on… Read more »



Kim Mathers Tries To Commit Suicide

Kim Mathers, Eminem’s wife, has added a little more drama to the already hectic life of Eminem. Kim, who is 25, tried to commit suicide in their suburban Detroit home. Police in Sterling Heights say they went to the house about a medical emergency. When they arrived, Mathers was conscious. She was taken to the… Read more »



Puff Surprises Jennifer Lopez

Puff Daddy helped Jennifer Lopez celebrate her 30th birthday, tricking her into going to a party she assumed was for Reggie Miller’s wife, Marita Miller. Club Lotus in Manhattan, had 250 family and friends waiting for Lopez. When Puff arrived in his Blue Bentley, the guests greeted Lopez at the door. Damon Dash, who seems… Read more »



Wake Up Show Launches Today

The WakeUpShow,which is heard in 5 countries and reaches over 13 million listeners worldwide, launches today. The site allows users to access audio and video featuring Sway and Tech with some of the guests that have appeared on the show. You can catch streaming video from Slum Village, Cali Agents, Masta Ace, Dilated Peoples, Talib… Read more »



Kobe Bryant Holds Launch Party

Kobe Bryant held a launch party for his new label venture, Heads High Entertainment at the House Of Blues. There was a packed house, with each patron paying $15 to see Bryant and his label roster to their thing. The first act, featuring two 13 year olds and an 8 year old, named Da Babies… Read more »



88 Hip-Hop Closes Doors is no more. Pseudo, which owned a 50 percent stake in the site, closed the site down due to the site not being profitable. Randy Nkoniki-Ward and Mark Kotlinski, the other 50 Percent stake in the business, have been accused by various online websites as not having enough management experience to guide the site…. Read more »



Shyne’s Lawyers Dispute Evidence

Shyne, the M.C. that sounds like a reincarnation of Biggie Smalls, is fighting for his freedom. The young artist’s defense is fighting to get key pieces of evidence against him thrown out of court. Shyne was charged with attempted murder in the night club shootout on Dec. 27th, 1999, where three people were wounded in… Read more »



Suge Terrorizing Up In Smoke Tour?

According to infamous radio personality Wendy Williams of Philly’s Power 99, Suge Knight has been secretly terrorizing Dr. Dre, Snoop and the some of the staff of the “Up In Smoke” tour. According to Williams, Suge has been buying approximately 30 front row tickets to every Up In Smoke concert as a show of intimidation… Read more »