Yungstar Blowing Up

Yungstar, already blowing up in Texas thanks to his appearance on DJ Screw mix tapes and Lil’ Troy’s "Wanna Be A Baller" single, is getting ready to drop his Epic Records release. Throwed Yung Playa hits stores Tuesday, February 1st. The album is an updated version (with five fresh new songs) of the disc which… Read more »



Choclair Tour Dates

Choclair is making his way around Canada-again. Make sure you check him out if you are in the area, you will not be disappointed. Here are the dates: Jan. 12 @ Open Mike with Mike Bullard (12:30 AM EST) CTV Television Jan. 12 @ AJ’s Hanger Kingston, Ontario Jan. 13 @ Loyallist College – The… Read more »



Jeru The Damaja To Drop New Album

Jeru The Damaja rumors have been causing online chaos in the past few months. Speculation from what his album will be called to who will be producing it has varied. Here is some concrete info. Jeru will not be working with Hip-Hop’s favorite producer and former producer of both of his past albums, DJ Premier…. Read more »



Loud Rocks

Loud Records President Steve Rifkind is spearheading an interesting album later this year. Loud will release an album of Hip-Hop covers by Rock groups. Groups that are already confirmed on the project are Fred Durst from Korn, System of a Down, Incubus, Sugar Ray, 311 and Shootyz Groove. They will cover Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep,… Read more »



British Comedian Makes Fun Of Hip-Hop

A comedian from Britain, who has achieved cult status is coming under fire for his portrayal of Ali G, a take off of a gangsta (cliche, but that is what they are saying..), who wears in Orange suit, wears big gold chains and wears a Tommy Hilfiger hat. The comedians real name is Sacha Baron… Read more »



Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Celebrates Hip-Hop

The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame will be celebrating Hip-Hop with an exhibit in February, for Black History Month. Rhymes & Rage: The Hip Hop Story will teach visitors about the music, language and lifestyle of hip hop culture, exploring the history, as well as hip hop’s social, political and economic influence on virtually… Read more »



euniverse Confirms Thefts

euniverse, the parent company of CDuniverse has confirmed the theft of customer data from the CDuniverse subsidiary. They company was contacted by an individual claiming to have customer information, and that unless a ransom was paid it would be posted on the Internet. They contacted the FBI and the Feds began an investigation, but the… Read more »



New Hip-Hop Documentary Premiers

Unspoken Heard, J-Live, Mr. Complex, Lone Catalysts and Apani B will be performing in Washington D.C. February 5th, at the Open Transport film premier. Open Transport is a independent Hip-Hop documentary. Producers that worked the score include: Jay Skills, Fat Jon, Dave One, Truth Elemental, Overtime and J Rawls. Other acts featured in the documentary… Read more »



Xzibit: New CEO Prepares Releases

Xzibit, who is participating in the Anger Management tour with Limp Bizkit and Eminem, is in the final negotiating stages with Loud Records for his own imprint, Open Bar Entertainment. The deal, which is expected to be closed in a matter of weeks, will see Loud handling the financing of videos and recordings as well… Read more »



Have Dr. Dre Read Your Rhyme!

Urban Mall is running a contest, and you are going to have to get your rhymes together ASAP, if you are seeing this for the first time (We got the press release all late and wrong, but better late than never!). The person with the tightest rhyme will have a their rhymes reviewed by the… Read more »



Puff: Platinum?

Bad Boy records is running avertisements in hip hop publications have announced that P-Diddy’s Forever LP is already double platinum. Blaze magazine reports that the RIAA, the organization that awards sales certifications, says the album has only sold 1 million copies to date. Is Puff trying to boost his album sales? In an interview with… Read more »




Three police dogs and several Marion County, Indianapolis police officers were called in to disperse a crow of roughly 100 people and one person was arrested after a Run-DMC show was canceled. According to reports filed by the police, 22 year old Chris Seidensticker fought with employees at the 8 Seconds Saloon, located on the… Read more »



Puff Denies Gun Charge

Puffy said: "I do not own a gun. I do not carry a gun. The charges and allegations against me are 100 percent false. I feel confident that in the next couple of days, I will be vindicated and everything will be all right." Well according to witnesss, Sean "Puffy" Combs pulled a gun inside… Read more »



Friend Of Jay-Z Speaks To Newsweek

A close friend of rap star Jay-Z who witnessed his alleged stabbing of Lance (Un) Rivera, head of Untertainment Records, at the Kit Kat Klub in New York last Wednesday describes what he saw in the current issue of Newsweek. “Jay-Z approached him, they had a few words, they became loud, and then this big… Read more »



Noreaga To Have Charges Dropped

Noreaga will have a drug possession charge against him dismissed if he can stay out of trouble for the next 12 months, a New York criminal court judge said this past Monday (Dec. 27). The decision handed down by Judge Robert Racite comes on the heels of Noreaga’s arrest Sunday in Queens, N.Y., for allegedly… Read more »