Ludacris Pitches New Film

Ludacris, Original Film, MTV Films and Paramount Pictures are teaming up to develop a full length comedy film based around the rapper. The film, which is tentatively titled "Skip Day," was pitched by Ludacris himself, and he will executive produce and star in the film, as well as contribute to the soundtrack. According to the… Read more »



Hype Williams To Release Video Compilation

Video director, Hype Williams is set to release his first ever-video compilation titled “The Videos” on DVD and VHS, May 28, 2002 through Palm Pictures. The collection chronicles ten of Hype’s most groundbreaking videos. Included is Hype’s biographical and video graphical information, exclusive interviews, behind the scenes bonus footage, commentary on each video, and trailers…. Read more »



New Magazine Ready To Rock

“It’s time for something new,” says Benjamin Moody, the Editor In Chief of Urban Magazine. Scheduled to debut at the end of this year, the magazine will be the latest of many upstarts to hit newsstands this year as readers seem to becoming discontent with many of the major urban publications. “I feel that a… Read more »



Eminem Vs. Lynne Cheney: Round 2

The feud between Eminem and Vice President Dick Cheney’s wife continues on Eminem’s third album, The Eminem Show. Eminem was singled out by Lynne Cheney before congressional hearings in 2000, about violence in the entertainment industry. She has also bad mouthed Eminem in numerous magazine interviews. On the track "White America," Eminem boldy says to… Read more »



Kam Set To Release New Album

West Coast artist Kam will release his long awaited album, The Self in September. KAM first appeared in the national spotlight with his hit single, Every Single Weekend, which debuted on the Boyz In The Hood Soundtrack. He followed it with a commanding presence on Ice Cube’s Death Certificate. His most recent release, Kamnesia was… Read more »



Rap-A-Lot Sued

Rap-A-Lot Records and CEO James Prince is being sued by a music publishing company, Famous Music. According to the suit, Rap-A-Lot and publishing company N-The-Water owe royalties to a producer/writer by the name of Marcus Vest. Vest allegedly signed an agreement to produce almost 40 songs for the label. Famous then allegedly signed Vest directly…. Read more »



Jay-Z Sues Tenants of Penthouse

Jay-Z is suing two residents of a Tribeca penthouse complex, accusing them of sabotaging a deal where he attempted to purchase a $6.5 – $7 million penthouse. The suit was file last week in Manhattan. The suit alleges the tenants, Lynn Fisher-Hill and Lewis Taffer, hung negative flyers throughout the building saying “private security personnel… Read more »



Rap Critic Gets Caught With Weed

Dionne Warwick, the R&B legend, was arrested after airport security in Miami International Airport found 11 joints of weed in a lipstick case. She was charged with a misdemeanor for the less than 5 grams of the drug found on her. In the past, the 61-year-old has been extremely critical of rappers who advocate the… Read more »



Afrika Bambaataa’s ‘The True School Show’

Yesterday , announced the creation of “The True School Show,” a show to be hosted by Afrika Bambaataa on the site. According to a statement, the show intends to feature a variety of “funky” music that inspired the creation of hip-hop like jazz, rock-n-roll, break beats, go-go music, electro funk, trip hop, jungle-hop and… Read more »



MTV Boots Heavy Metal For Hip-Hop

MTV is canceling their MTVx cable channel and replacing it with an all hip-hop music channel. The move was made because the content was too "alternative" for many cable operators and for the digital TV subscribers on which it’s aired. Despite the fact that MTV has experienced their highest rating ever with the popular "Osbournes"… Read more »



5th Annual Hip-Hop Appreciation Week Begins

The 5th annual Hip-Hop Appreciation week kicked off today (May 13-20). The event is designed to promote positively within the hip-hop community. The week is also designed to continue decriminalizing hip-hop’s ‘s public image and promote the unity of "Hip-Hop" culture so that Hip-hoppas may form a "Common Spirit" amongst each other. In a statement… Read more »



AZ returns with ‘AZiatic’

With his new album, AZ hopes to bring some old fashioned nostalgia back into the game of hip-hop with his new album, Aziatic. On the album, which is already getting favorable early buzz, he features Nas, whith whom he hopes to release a group collaboration. On the cut “The Essence,” the two go back and… Read more »



AllHipHop Loses A Writer

We are saddened to say one of our humble journalistic servants from is moving on to The Source Magazine. Jerry L. Barrow leaves us to move on to bigger, but not necessarily better things. The writer who has captivated you with his witty editorials and interviews finally bounces. You know his work but where… Read more »



LL Cool J’s Former Bodyguard Shot Dead

A man who was shot to death on Thursday as under cover officers tried to serve a warrant on him in Greensboro, North Carolina was a former bodyguard for LL Cool J, authorities said. Garfield Brown, 30, was a prime suspect in the murder of 27 year old Kelvin Parks, from Omaha, Nebraska, who was… Read more »