Owner Of The Source Spars With Bill O’Reilly

The Source co-owner and founder Dave Mays, appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s "O’Reilly Factor" television show on Feb. 18., after the magazine criticized O’Reilly for his repeated commentaries on "thug rap," labeling him a "racist" and a "hypocrite" in the March issue of the magazine. "There are issues as far as what rap music’s impact is… Read more »



Fox Reprising Mister Ed Using Hip-Hop

Talking horse Mister Ed is going to make a television comeback after 36 years, but this time around the horse will lose his hillbilly accent. According to reports, producers at Fox TV have decided Mister Ed would be more marketable and popular if the talking horse adopted hip-hop lingo. The new version will be based… Read more »



Eve Enters Into Distribution Deal For Clothing Line

Eve has entered into a distribution deal with Innovo Azteca Apparel, who will design, market and distribute the rapper’s Fetish clothing line. The Fetish brand will be marketed to the junior and contemporary women’s market through better department and specialty stores. "Eve has become an influential fashion force, and we are excited to collaborate with… Read more »



New Jersey FBI Names Bank Robber After Eminem

In a less than flattering gesture, FBI officials have dubbed a bank robber who has knocked off 10 banks in New Jersey "Eminem," saying that the robber resembles the rap star. Officials claim the bank robber resembles Eminem due to the oversized ski caps and jackets that he wears when he robs a bank. When… Read more »



Raekwon Finalizing Deal, 3rd Solo LP

Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon has inked a multi album deal with IceWater, becoming Chief Creative Officer of the newly formed multimedia company. The company executives include members of Raekwon’s camp, along with top executives from Los Angeles based labels Vocab Records and Goodvibe Recordings. IceWater’s first order of business is to drop Raekwon’s hotly anticipated… Read more »



Fabolous Embarks On Free Tour

Rapper Fabolous will embark on a 13 city tour, giving free performances at Boys & Girls Clubs, seeking to inspire young children to pursue their dreams. “There’s millions of kids that want to do what I do,” Fabolous told in a statement. “[Rapping] became a profession. That’s why I feel it’s a street dream…. Read more »



DMX To Star In Movie ‘Never’

DMX will star opposite David Arquette in "Never," a movie based on the 1974 book "Never Die Alone," by author Donald Goines. The crime drama centers a gangster, who in the original rendition was known as King David, a cocaine dealer. The book focused on King David’s exploits in the underworld. King David is murdered,… Read more »



MC Hammer Gets TV Show

MC Hammer may be on the verge of another comeback after publicly playing out his personal trials and tribulations. After starring in “The Surreal Life,” alongside of Emmanuel “Webster” Lewis, the pop rappers has now signed on for a WB sitcom. The WB has signed Hammer to star in the series, which will be based… Read more »



Simmons Buys Beverage Co; Pepsi Gives In

While Pepsi decided to agree to most of the HHSAN (Hip-Hop Summit Action Network) demands, Russell Simmons has other plans to combat the bias the hip-hop community has faced from conservatives like Bill O’Reilly of “The O’Reilly Factor.” Simmons said that he has begun the purchase of an unnamed soft drink company, although he didn’t… Read more »



Pepsi Backpeddling On Settlement?

Last night on Fox’s "The Bill O’Reilly Show," representatives for Pepsi implied that they would not be donating money to Ludacris’ foundation, as they verbally agreed to earlier this week to avert a boycott of their company. Russell Simmons, head of the Hip-Hop Action Network and President Minister Ben Muhammad said that Pepsi had been… Read more »