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FIRST CRACK: Criminology 2

Here we go again.  Remember the last sip of hot chocolate and how it taste so much better than what came before it?  Remember the first time you bussed?  No matter how many times you get off afterward, nothing really compares to the first.So here we have the first salvo from Cuban Linx 2, not… Read more »




Beside a knack for freaking ridiculous beats, if RZA possesses anything it’s resounding confidence. Still, when certain Wu-Tang Clan members (ahem…Raekwon) went rogue and publicly disparaged The Abbot’s beats selections for 2007’s 8 Diagrams, you couldn’t help but wonder if it shook his self-belief. However, “It didn’t f**k up my confidence but it f**ked up… Read more »



Classic Clashes: Death Certificate Vs. Me Against The World

2009 is here and the streets are uncertain.  The economy is deteriorating. Political change and turmoil abound and socially we have police killing unarmed cooperating men.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.The 1990s had similar issues and historically, in the tradition of Melle Mel, MC’s have generally risen to the occasion… Read more »



AHH YEAR IN REVIEW: Who Was The King In The Midwest In ’08?

The oft-underestimated Midwest region continued to carve out their own distinct identity with a nice mix of mainstream and underground stars. Chicago elites Kanye West and Common were joined by Lupe Fiasco, who courtesy of the well-received The Cool began to receive recognition as one of the game’s premier young artists.   Detroit’s Hip-Hop scene… Read more »



FIRST CRACK: Stat Quo-The Bailout

Times are hard on the boulevard.  Rappers getting dropped from labels.  Labels going bankrupt and folding. Rappers getting their chains snatched. The world is just not economically safe for rappers.And what about you, the consumer?  All the heavy hitters dropped early. Other heavy hitters getting pushed to next year.  Fourth quarter drought of hot music. … Read more »