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AllHipHop ChartWatch: Kid Cudi Plays Hardball! Jay-Z Reigns! Drake’s EP Does Well!

September 23, 2009               We are back with the ChartWatch for the week of September 23, 2009.  Hopefully by now everyone has gotten the jokes and photoshopped pictures of Kanye and Lil Mama out of their system.  Let’s get into the charts.             First off, I don’t think it should be a surprise to… Read more »



Raekwon: Only Built for Cuban Linx II (Album Review)

Classics are “lightning in a bottle” occurrences. No matter how great an artist is, a musician can’t simply waltz into the studio and make timeless record after timeless record. A classic LP is the perfect storm, where various factors from technical skill to the artist’s emotional/spiritual state all come together in a perfect marriage of… Read more »



Jay-Z: Blueprint 3 (Review)

Writer’s Note: This review was originally published with an incorrect rating due to an editor mistake. The current article and rating represent the writer’s unaltered, original review and rating. Shawn Carter is a complicated man. Like many of us, he is composed of various and at times conflicting influences since his humble beginnings in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects…. Read more »



TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: Floyd Mayweather; Rappers & Boxers

Floyd Mayweather has been keeping loose and relaxed despite the pressure of his September 19 comeback fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. As a part of his ongoing, exclusive interview series with, the controversial undefeated fighter took a quick break from his rigorous training schedule to give his own Top 5 emcees. And as a… Read more »



Fabolous readies “Loso’s Way” for a select crowd in NYC

This week, Def Jam Recording Artist Fabolous held a listening session / movie premiere at an undisclosed location in Manhattan. Media, Executives, Producers and fans alike, packed into the venue to take a glimpse at his fifth studio album, “Loso’s Way”. Due to an early partial leak of the album (let’s get this corrected, please),… Read more »



Books: “The Scratch DJ Academy Guide” (St. Martin’s)

“The emphasis is now on the DJ and his performance as the leader of the dance,” Tony McGuinness, contemplative Trance DJ-turned-scratchonomic-seigneur acknowledges in the chapter, “The Influence of the DJ” of On The Record. “This is an idea that goes back to prehistoric times; there’s always been a figure in society who leads a mass… Read more »



TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: KRS-One attempted to get KRS-One’s Top 5 Dead or Alive. Like Scarface, KRS-One appears on the lists of several rappers of note. The challenge of getting his Top 5 proved to be more challenging than anybody imagined. Still, journalist Phalary Long managed to extract some of the Blast Master’s favorite artists and why he doesn’t… Read more »



Twista: F5 (Review)

In the closing months of 2003 Kanye West, while introducing himself, reintroduced the hip-hop world to his fellow Chicagoan, a rapid-fire spitter known as Twista. Despite several break-out verses on projects from Do or Die, Puff Daddy and the Ruff Ryders, Twista had achieved limited mainstream success prior to the Kanye-featured-and-produced “Slow Jams,” and the… Read more »



REVIEW: “Subway Art”

Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, both world-class photographers in their own right, reclaim graffiti fame with this 25th anniversary re-release of their remarkable visual documentation of graffiti’s golden age in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The portfolio-sized book is not one of those stuffy academic releases dedicated to the history of graffiti, its commercialization,… Read more »



The Alchemist: Chemical Warfare (Review)

  It’s been five years since his last solo effort, 1st Infantry, but on Chemical Warfare, Alchemist—Eminem’s tour DJ and Prodigy’s go-to-beatsmith—doesn’t disappoint his eager fans. As always, Al flips both exotic and noteworthy samples to accompany his signature sound—sinister melodies over thumping drums. A good selection of artists from Memphis to Brooklyn laces the… Read more »



J. Dilla: Jay Stay Paid (Review)

When Lupus silenced J. Dilla on February 10, 2006, Hip-Hop lost one of its most influential, yet, highly underrated producer/rappers. Often called, “Your favorite producer’s, favorite producer,” James Yancey was a product of his environment. His mother, Maureen Yancey, has recounted often how a three year old Dilla would sit at his little record player… Read more »



Eminem: Relapse (Review)

“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to.” – Rakim The art of the comeback is a time-honored tradition of Hip-Hop—a rarely perfected rite of passage for artists aspiring to attain immortality. Eminem is fresh off a four-year hiatus, a sabbatical that has included an acute… Read more »