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Mixtape Download: Play-N-Skillz Back To The Future -Old School Vs. New School Vol.1

Super producers Play-N-Skillz have released a free download of their new mixtape, “Play-N-Skillz Presents “BACK TO THE FUTURE” Old School Vs. New School Vol.1″.  The new mixtape features both original and current versions of some of your favorites songs going head to head.   The mixtape is really good and features music from Michael Jackson,… Read more »



A3C 2010: The West Coast Way

Atlanta, Ga.-The A3C Festival is an Annual Hip Hop celebration that displays the diversity of  urban music by inviting hundreds of emcees, producers, and industry affiliates to exhibit their interpretation of rhythm and rhyme.  Attendees came from coast to coast to network, promote and perform.  Friday October 8th this Hip Hop extravaganza was swimming with… Read more »



Dead Rising 2: XBOX 360 Review

Developer / Publisher:  CapcomPlatform: XBOX 360Players: 2-16 (Multiplayer)Rating: 8 out of 10When it comes to zombie themed games it seems Capcom holds the undisputed belt with their indelible Resident Evil series. In 2006 Dead Rising took things to another level with its insane amounts of zombie genocide. Even with some noticeable faults, Dead Rising went on to garner a serious cult… Read more »



Film Review GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimp’s and Ho’s Please Stand Up!

It’s a story that’s been told time and time again, that corporate America is filled with “pimps” and “gangsters” exploiting and systematically destroying the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Middle and Urban America. Well, conspiracy theorists, rejoice! This film might just prove what you wise sages have known all the time. GhettoPhysics: Will the Real… Read more »