Kissin’ Pink

  By all indications, tonight will be a good one for Trey Barclay. Not only did he “rape” his organic chemistry exam, but he finally secured the phone number of his classmate, who, according to Trey, is one “bad bitch.” Thankfully, Trey isn’t plotting the same sort of strategy he used with his exam, but… Read more »



AllHipHop Exclusive: Cormega Talks Growth and Empowerment

A resounding proponent of the Hip-Hop culture, Cormega, continues the journey that he started in Queens, NY. Chronicling everything from his pains to his pleasures, he transforms mere sentences into sincere sixteens. Having created  a lauded discography from The Realness to the recent release of Mega Philosophy, Mega’s voice  still possesses a classic pitch. In a… Read more »


Hip-Hop Owes Women An Apology

Originally posted April 7, 2007. This is the an unaltered reprint. APOLOGY: 1. An acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault or offense.   An apology can mean so many different things for people, both the giver and recipient(s). So, I’ve been thinking a bit. I believe it’s high time that Hip-Hop offered… Read more »