Sneak(er) Peak: Presidential Edition

Surely you’re reading this while voting or while anticipating your voting or while reveling in the glow of that wonderful feeling that comes from voting and fulfilling your civic duties. Anyway, this column is about kicks and though sports figures aren’t the usual suspects when it comes to making political statements—who has MJ ever endorsed… Read more »


Knockout Nation: Jones Jr-Calzaghe This Saturday! Hopkins Wants Winner, Darchinyan Destroys Mijares! Wilfred Benitez

Darchinyan Dominates Mijares The first super flyweight, unification bout in history was supposed to be Cristian Mijares’ coming out party. This was the fight where he finally got a chance to showcase his reputed top 10, pound for pound skills on a national stage. Instead, the normally wild Vic Darchinyan fought a disciplined, perfect fight… Read more »


Chicago: The Coldest Winter

I moved to Chicago from the suburbs in December of 2005. I picked up my stuff and moved to the big city to follow my dreams. I even remember the small panic attack I had after I signed my lease to live in Hyde Park; an upscale neighborhood on Chicago’s Southside. This was a big… Read more »