I Aint A Killer, But Don’t Push Me

Coincidentally or maybe not, AllHipHop.com and theGrio.com partnered to discuss Hip Hop and Politics during the same week that many recognized the day of birth of arguably one of the most influential artists of a musical genre; he who may have well been the last rapper thus far, who simultaneously displayed the ability to successfully… Read more »


Hip-Hop and Islam: Intersections and Parallels

Seandra Sims contributed to this report. Rappers Loon (r) and Freeway (l) during their pilgrimage to the Muslim Holy Land (Nov. 2009). “Deep like the mind of Farrakhan” – Notorious B.I.G.“Make your wife get on the horn call Minister Farrakhan / so he could persuade me to squash it (beef)” – Canibus “I’m headstrong /… Read more »


Hip-Hop: Evolve Or Die

David Banner has been to the left of the spotlight for a few years, but quietly the rapper/producer has been mastering his craft in other ways. First, is Death of a Pop Star, his upcoming collaboration with producer 9th Wonder. Another is his self-produced song “Evolve,” which was included in a recent campaign for Gatorade… Read more »