Movie Review: The Perfect Holiday

Just as sure as Christmas comes around every year; Queen Latifah and Flavor Unit films are becoming festive staples by bringing rarely memorable yet family-friendly comedies to the silver screen. For 2007, Latifah is at it again with another let-love-rule satire, The Perfect Holiday. Reminiscent of Bringing Down the House and Last Holiday, Gabrielle Union… Read more »



Tech Talk: Sound Off

I’ve been a fan of AllHipHop.com for some time now and now that I have a chance to contribute, I wanted to make sure I hit you guys with something worth while. In my first installment of Tech Talk, I’m going to show you some of the toys I’ve been playing with.   The first… Read more »



Knockout Nation

“But then I threw the check hook. They teach us that in northern Michigan in the amateurs, and he walked right into the shot. He never saw it coming.”                                                                                     -Floyd Mayweather, Jr     Indeed, Sugar Ray Robinson would be proud to see his classic KO of Gene Fullmer replicated. Floyd Mayweather scored an… Read more »



Mario: Go

Lately Mario’s been about being a grown man. Further proving that fact, Mario spearheaded a documentary on his mother’s addiction to heroine. Now his third installment, Go [J Records] brings forth a fuller-voiced Mario leaving behind songs that emulate the stylistically “Let Me Love You.” In place of those songs is a grown-up theme album… Read more »