Soulive: No Place Like Soul

With their sixth studio LP, No Place Like Soul (Stax), the New York-based jazz/funk trio Soulive looks to further distance itself from the jam band scene. In an attempt to push its sound in a new direction, the band has added a new member, Boston-based vocalist Toussaint, who appears on most of the album’s tracks…. Read more »



Prince: Planet Earth

To be a Rock artist is one thing, but to be a true Rock Star is another. The first step towards the latter category often begins with creating a persona that’s not only larger than life, but larger than even the imaginations of the audience. Prince has certainly done that, but after thirty-plus years, it’s… Read more »



Bob Marley & The Wailers: Roots, Rock, Remixed

Summertime playlists are consumed with Bob Marley’s mellow rhythms, political awareness, and overall timelessness. In the spirit of updating remix projects heard by Motown, Verve, Blue Note and other boutique labels, Roots, Rock, Remixed (Quango) sidesteps the Legend followers for a pure Marley experience, with contemporary tempos, rhythms, and reconsiderations. Some of these mixes reach… Read more »




“Crush, kill, destroy stress… Pain stress / My brain can’t even rest / It’s hard to maintain the pressure on my chest ”-Organized KonfusionI wake up with the idea that somebody is trying to kill me frequently enough to worry me. In fact, the notion in itself is a coarse, raw form of tension that… Read more »



Ball 4 Real: Hoop Dreamchasers

    Hoops and Hip-Hop go better together than chicken noodle soup with soda on the side. Whether it’s Master P never giving up his dream, or Chris Webber banging out beats for Nasir, we’ve seen the glamorous side. But on the gritty, the Ball4Real ballers and rappers are kind of the same, both speak with… Read more »



Movie Review: Talk To Me

    Talk to Me is a homecoming movie for Washington, DC. It stars two of the best actors of today, Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor. This fascinating story explores the life of a local deejay named Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene (Cheadle), an ex-con whose career began as a deejay in the socially conscience times… Read more »



Can You Kick It?

As we watch the barometer rise, we watch the clothes come off.  With little to adorn the body, the focus shifts to what to put on your feet. The barebones back-to-basics nature of summertime fashion means your footwear must be up-to-par.  Anyone can rock ordinary store-bought, ready-to-wear sneakers, but customized kicks are undeniably unique. As… Read more »