No More Hip-Hop Sequels!

“Kill the track, annihilate the sequel”   – Dilated Peoples   People, people, people.   Something needs to change.   Quickly.   This year, we have seen a dangerous trend overtake our genre and upend it into near oblivion. A trend that seems to grow with each passing month. A trend that may cause the… Read more »


Going Rock: What the Recent Rock & Roll Frenzy Says About Hip-Hop’s Future

“All things come to an end. … Now, the spirit of Hip-hop will always be alive… as long as there’s inner cities, there’s ghettoes, and there’s poor people.” —Nas[1] Last week BBC News featured a report couched in questioning: “Has hip-hop grown up?”[2] Besides the obvious condescension, we learned next to nothing (!) about what… Read more »



    Developer/Publisher: 2K SportsPlatform: XBOX 360   Players: 1 – 10 (Online)Release Date: 10/6/09   Rating: A-   In the world of gaming, few releases fill the calendar with a yearlong hype until it hits the street. From role playing, first person shooters, sandbox adventure to driving; every genre has that one franchise title… Read more »