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Jay-Z Sues R.Kelly

Continuing their ongoing battle, this time in the legal realm, Jay-Z filed a countersuit against R&B singer R. Kelly in Manhattan Supreme Court Jan. 24. The duo began their running dispute following a series of incidents during their abridged Best of Both Worlds tour, which ended abruptly after a show at New York’s Madison Square… Read more »



Jean Grae: Tales From The Road

Well, back home in NY… Although it was only a short stint: two weeks…. It’s always beautiful to see your own bed. The road was the incredible (far better than saying “the good”) mixed with the, "this is some bulls**t". Of course, every great show always gives you that kind of high that you can’t… Read more »



Lil Wayne Still With Cash Money Records

After months of speculation, representatives for Lil’ Wayne confirmed that the rapper is still signed to his native label, Cash Money/Universal and not a Jay-Z helmed Def Jam. “Lil’ Wayne is still on Cash Money/Universal and his label Young Money Entertainment is through Cash Money/Universal as well,” Lil Wayne’s publicist CJ Robinson confirmed with… Read more »



Rhymefest: Walk The Line

Rhymefest is getting a heavy career jump-start. The recent turmoil of whether he wrote all, some, or none of Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’ has overshadowed Rhymfest’s stellar bootleg mix, Blue Collar, and his heavy appearances on albums from Old Dirty and Mark Ronson. But there’s a reason Rhymefest is in the media blitz. He’s on… Read more »



Jean Grae Handles ‘Nice MC’s’ On New Tour

Jean Grae is currently trekking the nation on “The No Turntables Tour” with Chicago rapper Diverse and the female rhymester says she’s already fending off emcees that want to battle. And, she admitted these mic fiends were really nice. “On the first date [in Richmond, VA], these three chicks came to the show wanting to… Read more »



Twista’s Speedknot Mobstaz Return To Hardcore

Coming off the success of his sophomore album Kamikaze, Chicago rapper Twista is now ready to re-introduce his hometown rap crew Speedknot Mobstaz. And he’s vowing that his squad will break barriers in the next year. "We are coming with nothing but hardcore raw Chicago rhymes that have never been projected in history," Twista told… Read more »



D-Dot: Breaking Silence With Science

When Notorious B.I.G left the planet in ’97, we were left with musical memoirs that reminded us of why he was crowned “legendary”. It wasn’t just B.I.G’s voice and lyrics that captured us, but the hypnotic beats that surrounded those vocals. Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie provided a considerable amount of those tailor-made beats to one of… Read more »



Common Talks Aids Activism, Children’s Book, New Album

Chicago Rapper Common has expanded his horizons beyond Hip-Hop and has launched a new foundation, delved into AIDS activism and authored a children’s book. According to Common, being involved with the “Knowing is Beautiful” AIDS campaign being launched in conjunction with corporate giant Viacom, is very personal. “I had a family member that passed from… Read more »



Purple Haze

Artist: Cam’RonTitle: Purple HazeRating: 4 StarsReviewed by: Martin A. Berrios When Dr. Dre decided to title his debut The Chronic, he was making a statement. It was a direct reference to the album’s amazing potency, which reflected the California weed that inspired the name. Harlem’s own Cam’ron now follows suit with the release of his… Read more »



Kanye West On ’60 Minutes,’ Leads Grammy Nominees

Kanye West’s single “Jesus Walks,” previously on heavy radio rotation, has incited debate over the use of the word “Jesus” and the role of religion in secular music, a topic West addressed directly in a “60 Minutes” interview to air Wednesday (Dec. 8). West, known for his upbeat rhymes, told “60 Minutes” correspondent Bob Simon… Read more »