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Charlie Wilson: Outstanding

This summer heat calls for barbequing, and in the list of essentials, The Gap Band records come only after the homemade sauce. For well over 30 years, Charlie Wilson has kept the Gap Band’s name moving, as well as crucial drops on Hip-Hop records like “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head” – but perhaps the best work… Read more »



Esthero: Perfect Blend

Esthero is one artist whose name has flowed through the lips of music connoisseurs as an answer to the question of who is on the verge of taking over music. Citing Esthero comes with just cause, as the Toronto native revolutionized music at the age of 18 and has finally returned to bring the revolution… Read more »



Jermaine Dupri: Bigger and Deffer

Jermaine Dupri is big. Okay, not literally, but figuratively speaking, the So So Def CEO is large. And now he’s is in charge. As the newly appointed President of Virgin Records Urban Music, JD has joined Jay-Z in infiltrating the executive ranks of the music industry. But while Jigga has become the toast of the… Read more »



Brookyn Hip-Hop Fest Preview

Just ask any street corner of Hip-Hoppers what their favorite Hip-Hop drinking song is. 2Pac, Nas, DJ Quik, Three-6-Mafia, and of course The Liks come to mind. For me, it’s always a toss up between “King Tee’s Beerstand” and KMD’s “Sweet Premium Wine.” But there is no toss-up in saying that live Hip-Hop and libations… Read more »



Common Narrating Movie On Harold ‘Noonie’ Ward

Common has teamed with directorial team Coodie and Chike to narrate their first motion picture on former Gangster Disciple Harold "Noonie" Ward. “The Noonie G. Story” portrays Ward’s ascent into Chicago’s entertainment, business and political worlds. Ward is a former high-ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, one of the largest criminal organization in the U.S…. Read more »



Rick Gonzalez: Mane Attraction

Inside Hollywood there is an array of young actors that dare to be different, try to find their niche, and master their craft. You can definitely put 25-year-old Rick Gonzalez into that category. A native of New York, Bushwick to be exact, Rick definitely does his thing on the silver screen. From playing Timo Cruz,… Read more »



DJ Hi-Tek: Moving Something

DJ Hi-Tek is too oft forgotten since his came into Hip-Hop attached to Talib Kweli as Reflection Eternal. Although Tek was largely responsible for Black Star, it is Train of Thought that remains a popular bid for the best album in the last five years. Easily put, Hi-Tek is to Cincinatti what Kanye West is… Read more »



Mikkey: Number One Pick

The Hip-Hop industry can be suffocating if you don’t set the business aspect of this game as your number one priority. Chicago’s multi-talented MC, Mikkey can vouch for that. Long before Kanye West was selling millions of records and winning Grammy’s, Mikkey was one of his closest friends. The two were inseparable, making music together… Read more »