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A Brand New Funk

Remember that hot-headed girl from the Funkdafied video with the baggy jeans on and the tomboy style? That girl has transformed over the years into a formidable MC and now a very sexy woman who now makes the men all pause. Coming up on So So Def with Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat has consistently maintained… Read more »



Who Killed Jam Master Jay? Pt. 2

AllHipHop: What was the climate within the group Rusty Waters? Was there any beef in the group? S: As far as Rusty Waters goes, it’s just like Run said. Jay was the glue behind everything. Now that Jay is gone, everybody is scattered. Ain’t nothing like it used to be. It use to be all… Read more »



BET Awards Wrap Up

50 Cent took the Best New Artist and Best Male Artist due to the success of his 5x platinum album, Get Rich or Die Trying, at Tuesday’s BET Awards show. Missy Elliot snagged Best Female Artist, while Grandmaster Flash led a tribute to the late Jam Master Jay by an allstar cast of DJ’s that… Read more »



Latifah Gets Breast Reduction

Queen Latifah has gone under the knife for breast reduction surgery, according to published reports. The rapper/actress flaunted her double-D breasts for the final time at the Academy Awards in March. But, now the “Chicago” actress has opted to go to a C-cup for reasons out of her control, her rep stated. “Queen Latifah did… Read more »



Dame Dash Launches Roc Music

Rell and Anthony Allen will embark on a 7 city tour sponsored by Remy Martin, to celebrate the launch of Roc Music, Dame Dash and Jay-Z’s latest musical venture designed to show case R&B, Alternative, Pop and Rock music. "Damon and Jay started Roc Music as a label for music other than hip-hop. Roc-A-Fella Records… Read more »



Black Eyed Peas Take On Grueling Tour Schedule

The Black Eyed Peas are working hard to promote their newest endeavor, Elephunk, by hitting the road for a grueling tour. "We love going on the road and touring," group member will i. am said. "We’re always asking the record company, ‘What tours are we doing this summer this fall? School’s getting ready to start… Read more »



Shawnna: D.T.P’s Hot Girl

Shawnna is one of very artists who were blessed with music running through their DNA. As the daughter of Blues pioneer Buddy Guy, she had special privileges coming up as a young girl. Money was never an issue, and she always had the latest fashions before any of her friends and schoolmates. But don’t get… Read more »



Pharoahe Monch, J5 Rep Hip-Hop On Lollapalooza

Pharaohe Monch and Jurassic 5 will represent hip-hop on this year’s Lollapalooza tour. The tour, which is being labeled as "a fully interactive extravaganza with a wealth of new sights, sounds and experiences," will also feature such rock acts as Jane’s Addiction, Audioslave, The Donnas, Queens Of The Stone Age, Incubus and A Perfect Circle…. Read more »


Nike And Nelly Drop ‘Air Derrty’

Nike and multi-platinum rapper Nelly are set to drop a limited edition sneaker dubbed, the ‘Air Derrty,’ which will be available in very limited quantities. Only 1,000 pairs of the exclusive sneaker will be available to consumers and officials at Nike expect the shoe to sell out within hours. The ‘Air Derrty’ will only be… Read more »



Twista: Coat Of Arms

Twista’s dreams of hip-hop superstardom have been deferred more times than a little bit. Twista is widely accepted as one of the rap word’s most talented wordsmiths. His rhythmic, staccato delivery has endeared him to legions of fans while mainstream notoriety, of the MTV and endorsement deal variety, has continually eluded his grasp. Lacking any… Read more »



Jam Master Jay Bio In Stores

A journalist has written a biography of the late DJ Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC fame, which is currently available in stores. “Jam Master Jay: The Heart Of Hip-Hop,” penned by Chicago-based scribe David E. Thigpen, who is a writer for Time magazine. Thigpen said he ventured through Jay’s Queens stomping grounds and managed to… Read more »




ALLHIPHOP: So what’s your current situation with MCA, is it a label deal, production deal, artist deal? HI-TEK: It’s an artist deal, Hi-Tek as an artist. I just do whatever kinda album I wanna do. That’s what MCA is really about. ALLHIPHOP: So are you gonna have the option of introducing new artists, bringing new… Read more »



Queen Latifah ‘Just Wright’

With a new movie deal from Disney, rapper-actress, Queen Latifah continues to ride her wave of cinematic success. Nominated for this years Best-Supporting Actress Academy Award for her work in "Chicago," and boasting a $31.7 million debut for in Disney’s "Bringing Down the House," Latifah is set to star in another Disney movie, "Just Wright."… Read more »