Mixtape Download: Black Cobain [#BGA]: Perfect Contradiction

[Download] 01. Black Cobain – Prelude (Hello Marcus) [Prod. By Sport & Mark Henry] (5:57) 02. Black Cobain – Glory Road [Prod. By Tone P] (3:52) 03. Black Cobain – Pot Of Gold [Prod. By Chi City] (3:06) 04. Black Cobain – Thank You [Prod. By Osinachi] (2:36) 05. Black Cobain – Quiet Time (Feat. Tokyo Daimo) [Prod. By ILL Wonka] (4:17) 06. Black Cobain –… Read more »


Breeding Ground Pick: The Kid Daytona [#BGA]: Savoir Faire

Its been said that NYC is the melting pot of the world, the “mecca” of all types of people, culture, lifestyle, food, art and expression. But when you’re fortunate enough to travel the world, exploration of life can be redefined. The Kid Daytona’s travels overseas have created his ongoing love affair with Europe, and this… Read more »


Mixtape Download: Ray Jr. [#BGA] – Elected 2

[Download] 01. Ray Jr – Prayer (0:23) 02. Ray Jr – Go Get It [Prod. By Pyrexxz] (3:13) 03. Ray Jr – Goat Knot [Prod. By Pyrexxz] (4:27) 04. Ray Jr – Welcome To Cleveland (Skit) (0:28) 05. Ray Jr – Stack Up (Feat. Project Pat) (3:56) 06. Ray Jr – Goin’ Places (Feat. P The Artist) [Prod. By Dreski GB Hitz] (3:11) 07. Ray Jr – Streets… Read more »