Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

  • $18916246

    Started at the bottom of where?…new video shot in the suburbs (where you always lived), actor turned Lil Wayne ghostwriter/rapper, label budgeted and promoted mixed tapes….more like over nite express success. Hip Hop likes you Drake no need to chase sympathy……Change that hook to: /Started at the top/Are we clear?/Started at the top/now my home team cheers/Started at the top/Are we clear?

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    • Choppaliss

      u serious? ….. u think its easy what these musicians do ?

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  • Thee_One1

    He did start from the bottom. He put in tons of groundwork before he blew. It wasnt overnight. Anyone in the music industry has to bust ass to stay relevant.

    • Glad that someone else makes sense and understands that the bottom does not always have to be the ghetto or the streets.

      The boy worked hard and he is not an overnight success. He put his heart into his career and worked hard and smart as a result he got to where he is today.

      Let’s celebrate success for a change. Hating is hard work.

  • 5789007

    Drakes a fag

  • brotha_man

    I was expecting the cast from degrassi

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  • Future Patrick

    song is wack and i’m sure its something they will force feed us to like. i do appreciate drakes hustle though. can never hate on a hard worker like drake. dude seems ostentatious yet recognizes his humble roots. i like that, but song…trash.

  • southside4lyfe

    i like it everybody think you got to be from the hood to struggle. Even people in the subarbs struggles. Even when you got shit you still gotta work hard to maintain that shit. Drake has put alot of energy into his and at least he not on camera beefing with niggaz or in his music. He just wants to make music that people can jam to and honestly you gotta respect that even if you like his music or not. Degrassi is what gave him that platform as a superstar then he changed careers. you can’t hate on that you gotta respect the hustle unless you a bump that sits on the couch all day with your dick in yoour hand wishing you had his life.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Good job Drake.