Yung Nation

Yung Nation – “Only Thing That Matters”

The young Texas hip-hop duo B. Reed & Faime of Yung Nation are having a steady rise in cult fanbase by touring and pumping out mixtapes & videos. Yung Nation is now reaching new heights after signing with the nation’s largest indie record label E1 Music and releasing their national single ‘Shawty Wassup’. The single… Read more »


Kasper of Hittmenn DJs

Hittmenn DJ’s Artist Interviews and Tour Recap (Photos/Video)

Take a look at’s interview with the Hittmenn DJ’s as Jake Crates interviews VIP, AMG, Wyld Money, Think Its a Game Entertainment, The Hittmenn DJ’s and DG (Dat Guy).  VIP Interview  AMG (Baby D and Young Snead) Interview WYLD MONY Interview Think Its A Game Entertainment Interview HITTMENN DJ’s Interview DG (Dat Guy) Interview [LOUDPACK TOUR VI SPOTLIGHT]   WYLD… Read more »