Wu-Tang Skips Lawyer Bills


Wu-Tang Clan has been hit with

a lawsuit by ex Entertainment Attorney Edwin McPherson, saying

that the group hasn’t paid their legal bill, to the tune of $35,000.

McPherson says the group members approached him in February to

defend them against charges from a woman who appeared in one of

their videos. The woman claimed she was assaulted and verbally

abused by the group members. McPherson claims that the woman initially

wanted $500,000 from the group, but he negotiated down, and got

them off the hook for a settlement of $15,000.

His firm, McPherson

and Kalmansohs seeks $35,000 to cover the legal bill and unspecified

punitive damages for Breach Of Contract and Fraud. In other Wu-Tang

news, The RZA has started a new corporation, Wu-Tang Electronics,

and although details have not been released, word has it that

Bobby Digital has invented some sort of new beat machine that

can work wonders.

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