Eminem Officially Charged


was officially charged with assault, carrying a dangerous weapon

and carrying a concealed weapon. Eminems management claimed that

fans seeking autographs caused the disturbance, but county prosecutor

Carl Marlinga claimed otherwise in court on Monday. Eminem had

supposedly showed up at the club to check up on his wife, Kim

Mathers. Eminem suspected her of seeing another man, bar patron

John Guerra. Eminem supposedly drew an unloaded 9mm handgun and

a scuffle ensued. Marlinga also claims that Eminem told Guerra

"I’m going to kill you", and then hit Guerra over the

head with the gun twice. Friends then grabbed the 9mm, and it

fell to the ground. He is now facing Felony charges that could

get him 5 years in prison.

Kim Mathers was also

arrested in the incident, and her bail was set at $300 dollars

a day. Eminems latest album sold a whopping 1.7 Million units

the first week, besting the record set by Britney Spears.


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