Scarface Attacks DEA


has attacked the DEA, for their investigation into Rap-A-Lot Records.

The investigation began in 1988, when authorities discovered 76

Kilograms of cocaine in a car from a used car dealership that

Rap-A-Lot CEO J-Prince owned. The DEA then opened an investigation

into J-Prince, his label and his affiliates.

The agent who led

the investigation, Jack Schumacher, came under attack due to his

violent police record, which includes 6 fatal shootings. The case,

which was critized by congresswoman Maxine Waters in a letter

to Attorney General Janet Reno, is still open and is what Waters

calls a " Racially motivated investigation by the DEA."

Scarface calls out the governement, and Schumaker by name on the

song, Look Into My Eyes, on his new album, Last Of A Dying Breed.

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