Eminem Pleads Guilty


pleaded guilty to concealed

weapons charges, when prosecutors agreed to drop a felony assault

charge. The charges stem from an incident in June when Eminem

pointed an unloaded gun at a man he saw kissing his wife.

Eminem still faces

other charges in relation to an incident he had with a member

of the Insane Clown Posse. Eminem is facing at least 17 months

in prison and he is scheduled to be sentenced April 10.

In other more disturbing

news, a man tortured his sister for four hours, while listening

to Eminem songs. The 17 year old victim’s older brother, Anthony

Sleight, tied her to a chair, hit her 20 times on the head and

cut her neck twice with a kitchen knife. The elder Sleight has

a history of mental illness. He locked up for 10 years.



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