DMX Roughed Up In Jail By Guards


was released from jail Friday morning, and he claimed that while

he was there, guards roughed him up while he served his 11 days

for a minor traffic violation. According to DMX’s lawyer, he

has been using crutches due to an injured knee. He was thrown

to the ground during a cell search. The X-rays turned out negative

and he received medical attention for the injury on Wednesday.

The altercation

started during a routine search. The guards supposedly found

a book DMX was not supposed to have and tossed it outside of

his cell. Apparently, DMX thought it was his bible and lost

his temper, resulting in the guards taking him down to the ground

and injuring him.

DMX has not filed

a complaint and will attend the March 16th premier of his new

movie, Exit Wounds.

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