Ice T To Star in R Xmas


T stars in a new flick directed by Abel Ferrara

(King Of New York), titled "R Xmas." The flick,

which was unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival Thursday (May

10th), is a strange Christmas tale about drug dealers and

corrupt policemen.

Ice T plays

a racist gangster and also stars Drea de Matteo and Lillo

Brancato of the HBO Mafia series “The Sopranos."

When asked

about the film’s content, screenwriter Scott Pardo said “If

we’d been doing a film about a law firm, we wouldn’t have

had the characters saying ‘fuck’ all the time. We didn’t make

this film for a puritanical audience.

The plot

centers around Drea de Matteo and Brancato, who play the parents

of a pampered and protected little girl in 1993 New York City.

On first appearances, they are a normal family, yet they run

a highly successful drug-dealing business, cutting their heroin

with pharmaceutical precision and allotting it to a team of

dealers who operate in New York’s toughest neighborhoods.

Ice is currently

slated to start work on a new flick directed by Fred Williamson

titled "Deadly Rhapsody."

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