Second Hip-Hop Summit Coming


for the second Hip Hop Summit are underway. The event, which

is sponsored by Hands, will include a keynote address from

Minister Louis Farrahkhan & will be moderated by Hip-Hop

legend, KRS-One. The event will take place in New York City

at The House Of Justice. A town hall meeting is also being

scheduled for people to air their concerns, and that will

take place at The Schomberg Center. The Summit is being

hosted Rev. Al Sharpton, David Mays (Source), Emil Wilbekin

(Vibe), Greg Watkins & Jigsaw ( & Russell


Coming on the

heels of the NYPD announcing a "Rap Patrol" as

well as a recent report released by the Federal Trade Commission

that singles out the recording industry for doing virtually

nothing to stop marketing violent materials to children,

the Hip-Hop Summit will address the concerns affecting the

Hip-Hop community. "In the past Hip Hop has moved as

an army on issues affecting us. This summit gives a platform

for artists to discuss internally what we must to do proactive,

responsible and aware of our power for our future"

a spokesperson for Russell Simmons told

The dates for

the Summit will be announced later this month.

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