Lawsuit Against Juvenile Dropped


lawsuit against Juvenile,

has been dropped. The lawsuit, filed earlier this year by

the community association of the exclusive gated neighborhood

of Woodville, in the city of Mandeville, LA charged Juvenile

with leaving his tour bus parked on a narrow street. Members

of the community were seeking to get him to move the bus.

They also had originally complained about his fleet of cars

and the amount of visitors the artist has coming into the

neighborhood on a regular basis.

An attorney

for the development said Juvenile has agreed to do everything

asked of him, so the the suit was dropped.

In related Juve’

news, He was hit with a $4 million dollar lawsuit, stemming

from the incident in Miami, when he hit Jackson Saintange,

28, over the head with a champagne bottle at the Improv

Comedy Club. Juvenile was charged with aggravated battery

with a bottle, battery on a law enforcement officer, two

counts of disorderly and resisting arrest without violence.

He posted $17,000 bond and was released from police custody.

Juvenile has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

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