Artists Support 2nd Hip-Hop Summit


the 2nd Hip-Hop Summit being days away, Talib

Kweli, Queen Pen


Keith Murray joined Russell Simmons on an upcoming edition

of BET’s Rap City,

to talk about the Summit and taking back responsibility.

"The Summit is

needed to put order into the positive progression of the

Hip-Hop culture,"

Keith Murray said.

The 2nd Hip-Hop

Summit, which takes place on June 12-13, is a closed door

meeting of the music industry’s most powerful figures. On

the agenda are focusing on keeping Hip-Hop in order, as

opposed to having forces from outside the culture do it,

fighting censorship and getting rid of some of the redundancy

that seems to be plauging Hip-Hop.

"I love

Hip-Hop," Kweli said. "I think that the Hip-Hop

summit is solution oriented and anything towards a solution,

I am down with!"

People who have

lent their vocal support include Harry Belafonte, Jim Brown,

Bill Cosby, Sonia Sanchez, Kwesi MFume and Martin Luther

King III.


Sponsoring the Summit are:

Motown Records

So So Def Records

Rush Communications



Jive Records

Island/Def Jam Records

Aftermath Records

Bad Boy Records

Flavor Unit Records

Rawkus Records

Universal Music




Atlantic Records.



The Britto Agency

Urban League


The National Action Network

Blacksmith Entertainment

VIBE Magazine

Terror Squad


University Music

Rap A Lot Records

The Source Magazine

Nkiru Center for Education & Culture

The Schomberg Center for Research and culture

Million Family Movement

Vanguard Media

Loud Records

Support these

companies, as they are supporting a positive change in Hip-Hop.

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