Exclusive: The Outlawz Speak Out On Alleged Incident


Outlawz deny allegations

that they tried to pick a fight with Puffy while rehearsing

for MTV’s 20th anniversary at the Hammerstein Ballroom

in New York. This contradicts reports from mainstream

media like the NY Post (Pagesix.com) and the Fox News

Network who claimed the group “tried to revive

the old feud between East and West Coast rappers”

and declared Outlaw member Napoleon was a “fan”

of Tupac.

Group member

EDI said in an interview with Allhiphop, “We lost

two of the greatests of all time and it’s ridiculous

to assume we came to rekindle old beef. We are telling

everybody from our mouths, that there is no beef.”

Instead, he said the group has been focused on working

on their new album, Novakane, set to drop in Oct 23.

Below is the exclusive press release from

The Outlawz.



August 3, 2001

The Sensitivity Of

The Tupac and Biggie

Legacy Continues

New York,

NY… Hammerstein Ballroom, in response to the glut

of stories that ran regarding the words between The

Outlawz and P. Diddy at the MTV 20th Anniversary party

on Wednesday, August 1… miscommunication erupted.

A spokesman

from Outlaw Recordz feels their side of the story needs

to be heard. The Outlawz were invited guests of Treach

from Naughty By Nature because Treach was close with

Tupac and he felt that the Outlawz should be there to

shed a tear for their mentor and family member (the

number one selling rap artist of all time) the late

Tupac Shakur.

During sound

check for the MTV 20th Anniversary Hiphop medley…

The Outlawz and Treach from Naughty By Nature came on

stage for Tupac’s tribute at the end of the medley.

Napoleon from The Outlawz received the mic from P. Diddy

so he could represent for Tupac. After the tribute was

done P. Diddy received the mic back. However, Napoleon

from The Outlawz felt the need to pay respect to other

fallen Hiphop artists such as: Easy E, Big Pun, Freaky

Tah, Big L, etc. Both entourages thought there were

words being exchanged and there weren’t. Unfortunately

it turned into something that it really wasn’t.

Because of the sensitivity of the history, people who

weren’t involved overreacted. Afterwards both camps

went behind closed doors and cooler heads prevailed.

A spokesman

from Outlaw Recordz adds, "It was Hammerstein Ballroom’s

security who asked The Outlawz to vacate the premises

because of the sensitivity of the situation."

EDI from

The Outlawz spoke with Allhiphop.com and said the following,

"we lost two of the greatest rappers of all time

and it’s ridiculous to assume that we came to rekindle

old beef."

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