O.J. Simpson And Juvenile To Peform Despite Boycott

OJ Simpson

is scheduled to appear at a hip-hop concert featuring Juvenile next month in

Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. Last April, Over The Rhine saw the

city’s worst riots since Reverend Martin Luther King JR. was assassinated. "O.J.

is promoting peace," said promoter Anthony Pierre of Mactone Investments.

"He is coming to Cincinnati to show there can be change." Pierre said

the hip-hop concert will be the first in more than a decade at the 3,400-seat

Music Hall, home of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Opera.

Last week, some big name performers decided to boycott playing in Cincinnati.

Bill Cosby and Smokey Robinson recently announced that they will cancel engagements

in March due to the "racial climate" of the city.

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