O.J. Simpson Drops Gem On Cincinnati

O.J. Simpson

dropped a few gems on the city of Cincinnati this past Saturday at a concert

in the city’s Over The Rhine neighborhood, which was the scene of riots after

a white officer fatally shot a black man in April. The concert, which was described

by promoters as a healing event for the city, was attend by almost 1500 people.

"Rap has gotten a bad rap," Simpson

told the crowd. "I know about bad raps." "We are trying to bring

back hip-hop to Cincinnati. Let’s not do anything to spoil it.”

The juice tossed autographed footballs into the

crowd, and described Cincinnati as a city where he had fun and good times during

his playing days.

The former football star said Cincinnati was

a fun city where he had good times during his playing days. He threw three autographed

footballs into the crowd.

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