Pirates Crack Eminem’s Code

A month after rap artist Eminem released his latest

album with ‘uncrackable’ copyright protection technology, pirated copies are

on sale across eastern Europe.

Universal has invested considerable effort in

stopping piracy of the Eminem Show, with technology embedded in the CD’s

from being copied and redistributed. Universal is using technology by an Israeli

based firm, Midbar Tech Ltd.

Universal also limited the amount of promotional

advances given to media outlets to try and prevent bootleggers from reproducing

the album, which is being sold in such places as Bulgaria for as low as $1.50

in American currency.

The International Federation of the Phonographic

Industry (IFPI), an industry trade body, said global music sales fell by 5 percent

in 2001, hurt particularly hard by the rise of CD burning and Internet song-sharing

sites. The RIAA has shut down such trading sites as Audiogalaxy, Napster and

the organization recently stated it was trying to shut down listen4ever.com,

but cannot find the owners, who are circumventing United States copyright laws

by basing their company in China.

In related news, Eminem signed on to host the

popular series "Girls Gone Wild." The footage for Em’s "Girls

Gone Wild" episode is being shot during the Anger Management tour.

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