Khujo In Good Spirits Since Accident

According to the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Khujo of the Goodie Mob (aka Willie Knighton) has maintained a positive outlook on life despite having the lower portion of his leg amputated.

The 30-year-old rapper was in a car accident on June 25 after leaving an early morning recording session and falling asleep at the wheel of his Cadillac.

Khujo said he held fast to his spirituality, which kept him strong through his ordeal.

"What I do have is faith, though. That’s why my head is up. And my thoughts on how this thing is going to turn out are all good," he said to the Journal-Constitution.

"You always get questions like, ‘Have you found God yet?’ ‘Are you focused more on religion?’ But people who know me don’t come at me with those kinds of things, because they know how serious I am about that. I know there is a God, because that’s the only thing that could have brought me up out of that."

The report also said that, while the Goodie Mob had no deal, former label Arista paid for the rapper’s medical bills. Currently, organizers in Atlanta are raising money for Khujo’s prosthetic leg, which are extremely costly.

Ludacris recently help raise $10, 000 for Khujo through a basketball tournament.

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