P. Diddy Signs New Edition

P. Diddy has signed New Edition to a multimillion

dollar deal on his Bad Boy record label. The line up will feature Ralph Tresvant,

Johnnie Gill, Ronald Devoe, Ricky Bell, Mike Bivins, but not Bobby Brown. "His

label has all of the component that artists need," Bivins told AllHipHop.com.

"Plus he is a cool n*gga that connects with the masses."

New Edition was formed by Maurice Starr in 1983.

The group went on to produce some of the biggest, most influential urban R&B

stars of the following decade. After Bobby Brown left to go solo, the group

replaced him with veteran, Johnnie Gill. Bobby reunited with the group 1996

to release their album, Home Again.

"We are going to reintroduce ourselves to

the music game," Bivins continued. "Puff is into music, TV, fashion

and all other flavors. It’s a good fit."

The group will release a 20th anniversary album

next year.

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