Mystic Explains New Album

After months of legalities, rapper Mystic will

finally re-release her critically acclaimed album Cuts For Luck, Scars For Freedom,

in May and this time with a major backing her.

"Nothing wrong happened with the record,"

Mystic told "The reason it didn’t go further is because

[Jcor] fell apart. Jcor shut down and it was completely out of our control.

It turned out to be a really negative situation. But I’m really thankful

for what [Jcor] did."

Dreamworks Records, which is owned by Steven

Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, decided to pick up the album

after agreeing to let Mystic re-work the album. The reissue will feature production

by Kayne West, Donnell Jones, Darren Henson and Keith Peltzer.

"It will finally be released internationally,"

Mystic told "It’s nice to be a priority at Dreamworks. It’s

one of the last labels that realizes that everything might not sell millions

of copies, but its really important to create artistic music. And really be

concerned about the art."

mystic sad that her hiatus was due to legal wrangling

over the ownership of her material, which prevented her from doing valuable

promotion for the album.

“Everything fell apart. There was no label

support," she continued. "I couldn’t tour, I couldn’t do

radio, I couldn’t go in the studio, because there was a concern as to who

was going to own the material. That was a really difficult time for me as an

artist – the hostage artist.”

With the legal issues behind her, The Grammy

nominated artist went to work on the reissue, adding new songs and tackling

some of the production duties as well.

"I did new songs [for the album.] and we

decided we like them," Mystic added. "I’m sure some people have

questioned why

we are doing this but it’s a blessing to put out an album that so many

paid attention to and have somebody willing to put it back out there."

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