Funds Of Company Connected To Murder Inc. Seized

Last week, authorities seized a number of bank

accounts of companies connected to Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff. The

accounts of a company, Picture Perfect Entertainment, contained almost $500,000

in funds advanced by Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. label.

Picture Perfect was involved in the production

of the soundtrack to the Murder Inc. movie "Crime Partners," which

McGriff executive produced.

McGriff is in police custody on an unrelated

parole violation. His lawyer, Robert M. Simels denied the allegations that the

funds were derived from illegal sources.

"There is no basis to seize these funds,"

Simels told the New York Daily News. "It’s true that Kenny McGriff was

at one time convicted of a crime involving drugs. But that doesn’t mean that

Kenny McGriff is a drug dealer for the rest of his life. The funds are legitimate."

Law enforcement authorites also issued restraining

notices to McGriff’s family, informing them that the government plans to seize

their personal bank accounts as well.

"I know there is a contention that all of

Irv Gotti’s funds for Murder Inc. came from illegitimate sources, including

my client," Simels continued. "But when all the facts surface in court,

the government is going to find out that isn’t so."

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