DMC Wants Any Justice For JMJ

In an exclusive interview with Sway of MTV, Darryl

“DMC” McDaniels stressed that, while he is satisfied with the police

investigation surrounding Jam Master Jay, he believes that some form of justice

will be rendered in the case – even street vigilantism.

“You got hope that if the cops don’t catch

them, the streets will,” he said on the music network. Several unofficial

reports have suggested a variety of possibilities, but the police have not announced

any as viable leads.

Despite a variety of possible suspects and motives,

the police are seemingly nowhere near making an arrest, almost three months

after the legendary DJ’s slaying. Jay was slain executioner-style on Oct.

30 while playing video games in his Queens recording studio.

Despite lack of a suspect, DMC said that he felt

somebody would be caught in the case.

“You know a lot of people think that cops

are the enemy and they really don’t care. But the police that are working on

Jay’s death are doing an excellent job,” DMC continued.

Since Jay’s death, Run DMC have retired

from live performances as a group, but DMC is currently wrapping up his solo

effort, Checks, Thugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. The album, which DMC has labored over,

will feature a JMJ tribute song that features 50 Cent and Nas.

DMC said that it would be extremely difficult,

if not impossible, for them to continue in the groundbreaking legacy of Run

DMC’s past minus Jay.

“When you see Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay

it was something that was original, it was something unique, it was something

special,” he said. “Out of respect to Jay, we looked at it like, all

right, he served his purpose, he served his purpose and his job was done.”

Currently, there is no release day for Checks,

Thugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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