XXL Backs Eminem

XXL magazine has dropped its latest issue, which boasts a cover story that features 50 Cent, Eminem, Dr. Dre and attacks the integrity of rival The Source Magazine. The issue also features a rebuttal to Source co-owner Ray Benzino’s criticisms of the white rapper, who he deems a poster boy for the ills in the music industry.

In an editorial entitled “Back Down,” XXL editor-in-chief Elliot Wilson charged that his competitors have compromised their journalistic reliability in their current issue with Ja Rule on the cover. In the issue of The Source, it features an editorial by Harry “Media Assassin” Allen that likens Eminem to Elvis, a number of other pictorial disses and an editorial that responds to XXL’s numerous jabs at The Source.

Wilson, who has waged a long-term feud with The Source, queried, “…The magazine that [Ray Benzino] supposedly has no editorial input in decides to back Benzino’s claim that Eminem’s success is bad for hip-hop. Why are Dave Mays and is F-Troop trying to discredit a great MC that they supported from the jump?”

In a previous interview, Benzino defended his allegations against Eminem, but more specifically said his problems were more with the music industry as a whole.

“Right now with mainstream giving the double standard [and] our creativity is sacrificed. Because we have to make a certain type of song to get it played on the radio or video, whereas he’s putting out anything he wants,” he said. “I’m saying make it a even playing field.”

In song, Benzino’s claims are outlined in a different manner.

“The only M&M I know is Made Men /and by the way, [Eminem] ain’t never gonna play me, never/I’ll show this b*tch really what it is to be Shady/I don’t care how much records you sold/You can’t walk through the hood without the men in black,” he spit in a freestyle.

In turn, Eminem responded with a pair of vicious disses called “Nail In The Coffin” and “I Don’t Wanna.”

However, to further back their opposition against The Source’s stance, XXL boasts a variety of statements from hip-hop stars that back Eminem for his talents as an MC and his noteworthy contributions to hip-hop.

Fat Joe said, “Eminem is super-nice. That’s the main part of the whole thing. Eminem is dumb nice how could you even diss him?”

Even the quarrelling Kings of New York agreed on this one the topic.

Jay-Z explained, “In my opinion it’s not even an issue. I mean he can rhyme. The guys got skills. If he didn’t have skills, I’d say the guy is stealing from under the table, but he is good to go. I’m sure his race has something to do with the numbers that he does but there is just no denying his talent.”

Likewise Nas, stated, “All of this is just beautiful hype for Eminem’s new album. When his new sh*t drops he’s gonna sell like Thiller. He’s white, and he knows it. And the beauty of it is that he puts it into his music all the time. I love what Eminem is doing for hip-hop…the larger he gets, the larger hip-hop gets…”

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