“8 Mile” Comes to DVD With Bonus Freestyles

If fans felt there wasn’t enough freestyle mania

in the big screen version of Eminem’s "8-Mile," the DVD version will

offer five exclusive freestyle rap battles edited off the original when the

DVD hits shelves on March 18.

The five new uncensored battle scenes even offers

a censor option that will allow children to view the raunchy rhyme footage.

The DVD will also feature the exclusive video

to Eminem’s “Superman,” and ode to the ladies on his 9-million-selling

album, The Eminem Show.

“8-Mile,” a quasi-biographical tale

of Eminem’s struggles as an emcee in Detroit, was released early November

and has generated nearly $116 million in domestic box offices alone.

"I’ve been interested in hip-hop for more

than 20 years. That’s what made me want to learn more about its roots,"

"8 Mile" producer Brian Grazer said. Grazer produced such films as

"Apollo 11" and "A Beautiful Mind."

"I became interested in Eminem several

years ago. He wasn’t a star at the time, but I felt he had enormous charisma

and that he could be explosive as a film star," Grazer continued.

Director Curtis Hanson of “L.A. Confidential”

fame supplied the film with its distinct look and brought the Detroit rapper’s

vision to life.

The release of the 8-Mile DVD adds to lengthy

string of accomplishments for the emcee. “The Eminem Show” was 2002’s

best selling album and is nominated for five Grammys, including album of the

year, while the 8-Mile soundtrack was 2002’s fifth-highest selling


Marshall Mathers, the businessman, is now focusing

on the development of his label, Shady Records, as he prepares for 50 Cent to

release the highly anticipated Get Rich orDie Trying.

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