Snoop Dogg, Bishop Don Juan Come Under Fire For ‘Players Ball’

Rapper Snoop Dogg and former pimp Bishop Don

Juan have come under fire for hosting "The World’s Famous Players Ball."

The event, which honors pimps from around the

nation, will take place next weekend and has drawn criticism from local government

officials and women’s rights groups.

"I think having a pimp convention in and

of itself is totally inappropriate, no matter where it is," former federal

prosecutor Janis Gordon and DeKalb State Court judge told the Atlanta Journal.

"I think it is particularly inappropriate to have it in Atlanta when Atlanta

has taken such steps to eradicate child prostitution."

Tickets to the event are being sold for $60 a

piece, hoping to cash in on the anticipated crowds due to NBA All Star weekend.

Various women’s rights groups are planning to

protest and said that they will target the event’s supports.

"The World’s Famous Players Ball,"

has taken place annually in various cities to honor pimps and players. The event

has been well documented on HBO’s "Pimps Up, Hoe’s Down," and The

Hughes Brothers classic, "American Pimp."

According to law enforcement officials, there

is nothing they can do about the party legally, but plan to keep tabs on the


"We will be watching it very closely, but

there’s nothing we can do about it," DeKalb District Attorney J. Tom Morgan

said. "I just wish they hadn’t picked DeKalb County."

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